Cosplay Complex

Cosplay Complex is an anime series in the Cosplay Complex franchise
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The story of the Cosplay Association of East Oizuka Junior High and their goal of winning the World Cosplay Championships.

Chako Hasegawa and her stereotypically defined friends are members of the Cosplay Association of East Oizuka Junior High and dream of taking their skills to the World Cosplay (i.e., costuming) Championships. An impossible dream? Not when they have the assistance of a magical owl and Delmo the costuming fairy (who can actually assume the shape of any costume required) and just the right amount of thread. The championship would be all sewn up but for the fact that the group's best cosplayer, Chako, has such a heavy crush on local hero Kosuke that she never seems able to do anything right.

Ever since Otaku no Video, fandom has increasingly turned its attention inward on itself-CC sits alongside titles such as Comic Party and Genshiken. CC recognizes the tensions within real-world costuming, that while the participants see their activities as a fannish but holy vocation, many of their audience simply want to ridicule them or ogle the girls in states of partial undress. Acknowledging both sides of the argument, CC includes costuming pastiches of fan classics like Gunbuster and even a DVD guide to the costumes worn, but also plenty of gratuitous naked flesh. Elements also play like one of the many computer game adaptations it coincidentally resembles, with Goro, the lone male member of the team, sitting amid a whirlwind of female hormones à la Sakura Wars. Questionable, some might say racially and sexually repugnant, tension is added by the last-minute arrival of Jenny, a large-breasted blonde Italian transfer student with an unwholesome interest in little girls, whose behavior around pre-teen Athena would get her arrested in most countries. Not to be confused with Cosmopolitan Prayers, for which see under A15. N

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Name Cosplay Complex
Name: こすぷれCOMPLEX
Publisher TNK
Start Year 2002
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