Claymore #21 - Corpse of the Witch

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 11/06/2012

Plot Summary

Shueisha Edition Release Date: December 2, 2011

Proper Japanese Title: Majo no Shikabane (魔女の屍)

A battle begins between rebel Claymore warriors and the Organization that created them. When the team of seven notorious rebel fighters is joined by an army of newly minted soldiers loyal to rebel leader Miria, it seems their victory is a foregone conclusion. Then the Organization releases its newest secret weapon: reanimated high-level warriors from past generations of Claymores.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 114: The Phantom Charge (幻影の進撃 "Gen'ei no Shingeki")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse I" (魔女の屍 Ⅰ "Majo no Shikabane I")

  • Chapter 115: A Strong Male Warrior (剛健なる男戦士 "Gōken Naru Otoko Senshi")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse II" (魔女の屍 Ⅱ "Majo no Shikabane II")

  • Chapter 116: The Three Forbidden Warriors (禁断の三戦士 "Kindan no San Senshi")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse III" (魔女の屍 Ⅲ "Majo no Shikabane III")

  • Chapter 117: The Reason for the Nickname (異名の由縁 "Imyō no Yuen")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse IV" (魔女の屍 Ⅳ "Majo no Shikabane IV")

  • Chapter 118: The Life and Death Struggle at Staff (スタフの死闘 "Sutafu no Shitō")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse V" (魔女の屍 Ⅴ "Majo no Shikabane V")

  • Chapter 119: The Hatred's Cause and Effect (憎しみの因果 "Nikushimi no Inga")

Tankōbon: "Witch's Corpse VI" (魔女の屍 Ⅵ "Majo no Shikabane VI")


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