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Cooking is a anime/manga concept
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Cooking Festival (Toriko)

A food festival which happens every four years to determine the chef that gets the title of Super Cook.


The act of catching fish, usually with a rod and reel. Is often seen in any anime that takes place outdoors or in settings in the past where fishing was a valuable skill needed to gather food.

Gourmet Corps

The Gourmet Corps is a criminal organiztion that poaches rare ingredients. Their main goal is to obtain the legendary ingredient GOD and create a new Gourmet Empire.

International Gourmet Organization

An organization responsible for maintaining order in The Gourmet Age.

Japanese Food

The food of Japan in its many flavors, from its own traditional cuisine (such as sushi) to its adaptations of other nations' foods (be cautious eating American-style Japanese pizza).

Maids & Butlers

Maids and Butlers are highly popular within anime and manga. They can simply be a job, or they can be a lifestyle for loyal servants to a master or mistress. Identified by a particular uniform. Also popular in cosplay.

Naked Apron

The Naked Apron is a fetish cosplay. The wearer will either be in underwear or naked with an apron covering their front.


The Nitro are the primordial advanced species of Toriko who live in Gourmet World. They have extensive knowledge of cooking complex ingredients and are among the most powerful beings on the planet.

Oeaster Island

A large oyster that resembles an entire island.

Pantasia's Newcomers' Battle

The annual competition held by Pantasia after their annual hiring exams. The winner recieves a prize, as well as the branch he/she employed at.

St. Pierre

Another one of Japan's biggest bakery franchieses. Owned by Yuuchi Kirisaki and rival to Pantasia.i

Weight Gain

Weight Gain is when a character has a sudden increase in body mass and over all weight.

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