Cooking Festival (Toriko)

Cooking Festival (Toriko) is a anime/manga concept
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A food festival which happens every four years to determine the chef that gets the title of Super Cook.


Cooking Festival is an extremely popular event that has a 95% average rating that increases to 99% during the deciding battles. About one billion people also visit Cooking Island during the festival’s opening ceremony. Thirty second commercials cost one billion yen but still sell out quickly. The music used sells about five million copies in one day, advertised books sell about one million pre-orders and car companies can sell up to ten million cars.

The winning chef of Cooking Festival is granted the title of Super Cook and gains instant fame and popularity. Despite there being forty-nine festivals, five people (technically six) have claimed the title.

List of Super Cooks

50th Cooking Festival

The 50th Cooking Festival had Munegah as the MC. There were three preliminary events each testing the different abilities of the chefs while emphasizing cooking.

1st Preliminary Match: Triathlon Cooking

The chefs start at Rice Beach then swim around Takoyoki Island, which is 750 meters from the coast, to return to the beach for their ingredients. The faster chefs get a better choice of ingredients. After choosing their ingredients, the chefs take their delivery bikes to transport their ingredients. The paths vary from long with hardly any dangers to short with many wild beats. After the bike pass, the chefs run towards the Utensil Break Station to obtain their personal utensils. However, the station will close after a certain period of time and the chefs will be forced to use normal utensils. The chefs then head towards the goal at the Kitchen setup. The chefs then prepare dishes for the judges, G7, who approve or disqualify chefs. Only fifty chefs will be approved.

2nd Preliminary Match: Scale Death Cooking

Two chefs are placed on the two plates of the scale, each having same amount of ingredients and their own utensils. While the weight shifts during cooking, the heavier plate falls into a strong fire below making it difficult to continue cooking. If the chefs don’t gives up or the scale remains in equilibrium, the winner is decided by whose dish the audience likes more. This event tests a chefs cooking speed.

3rd Preliminary Match: Entire Island Cooking

Each chef chooses a Gourmet Hunter from the stands and an island. The chef and Gourmet Hunter would have to collect all the ingredients on the island and cook them for the judges. This event tests the chef’s ability to cook large proportions of food.

Championship Tournament

The remaining thirty-two chefs are pitted against each other in a one on one tournament style competition. Each round has its own conditions testing the abilities of the chef.

First HalfSecond Half

Komatsu vs Zaus

Brunch vs Livebearer

Ton vs Nerimaru

Reishun vs Chiru

Rikya vs Klaraman

Appolo vs Niis

Kuporiko vs Daylama Sky Xiii

Mami vs Tairan

Wabutora vs Tsurara Mama

Kurakage vs Granny Kama

Makubee vs Muhan

CM Goron vs Yuuji

Horis vs Lulubhu

Kamizaru vs Koyubi

Moh vs Yuda

Darin vs Setsuno

1st Round of the Championships: Zaus vs Komatsu in Dark Cooking Duel

Both chefs prepare their meals in complete darkness letting their senses of touch and smell and their intuition guide them while avoiding any foul tasting ingredients. This match was ended abruptly when the Gourmet Corps invaded Cooking Island.

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