Convict is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 12/16/2010

 The CFC invade Toshima
 The CFC invade Toshima

The military begins to invade Toshima, and Akira and Keisuke must escape Toshima before they get caught up in a civil war. Meanwhile Shiki and Nano are left to fight eachother. Shiki characges at Nano and quickly slashes, though Nano is extremely fast and is able to doge each attack swiftly. Gunji and Kiriwar who are watching from the roof with Arbitro and Kau, begin to fight over who will fight Nano next, after Shiki looses, but Arbitro is able to calm them down.


 Nano evades Shiki's attacks
 Nano evades Shiki's attacks

Shiki and Nano continue to fight, but Nano is able to continually dodge every single attack. Nano is able to stop Shiki, momentarily. Nano explains to Shiki that his blood could make any human extraordinarily strong, even Shiki. And if Shiki were to drink his blood, he would be able to beat Nano. Nano is able to convince Shiki to drink his blood. Shiki charges at Nano, and bites his shoulder, drinking Nano’s blood. As Shiki drinks his blood, Nano comments on how much of a fool Shiki is.


 Shiki reacts to Nano's blood
 Shiki reacts to Nano's blood

Shiki suddenly stumbles back, realizing that it is 100% Line, meaning that taking so much, would instantly cause death. Shiki violently reacts, screaming, and clawing at his throat, and finally dropping to the ground, motionless, appearing to be dead.

Arbitro, Kau, Gunji and Kiriwar watch, bewildered as Shiki stands up and walks after Nano; a seemingly impossible feat due to the raw dangerous power of Line.


As the government stages it’s attack on Toshima, Akira and Keisuke are forced to fight their way out, and make

 Shiki attacks Keisuke
 Shiki attacks Keisuke

a mad dash to Rin and Motomi. But as the two make their way towards the church, Shiki stops them, and tells Akira to come with him. Akira tries to fight, but Shiki knocks him to the ground, holding his sword to Akira’s throat. Keisuke sees that Akira is in danger, and charges at Shiki. Shiki slices open Keisuke’s stomach. As Keisuke and Akira share their last moments together, Nano attacks Shiki. Shiki goes after Nano, seeming to be stronger and more confident than before.


 Keisuke's last moments
 Keisuke's last moments

Keisuke admits how much he wanted to be with Akira, and how he wanted to protect him with his last breaths. Not long after, Keisuke dies in Akira’s arms as Shiki and Nano still fight on the rooftop.

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