Tentacles Convention: Not What You Think

Topic started by gia on June 8, 2009. Last post by Nerx 5 years, 9 months ago.
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I wake up every morning and the first thing that comes to my head is this sentence: “I don't have enough tentacles in my miserable and unfulfilled life.”

So imagine my surprise-- nay, my delight –when a friend linked me to a convention in Germany called Tentacles Convention. Simple, perhaps not a clever name, true, but hey, who cares? It's tentacles! Everyone loves tentacles! Right?

Now picture the exquisite torture I felt when I realized that Tentacles Convention is NOT a hentai fest, is NOT an expo for demons, aliens, many-armed robots, and sea creatures...no, Tentacles Convention is more of a role-playing con with a Cthulhu theme. And Cthulhu isn't even going.

Instead, the events feature stuff like a Tentacles Auction (which claims to be auctioning off gaming treasures, not tentacle demons) Horror Movie Quiz and something called “Greg's Rambling Hour.”

Siiiiigh...maybe next year.

(In all seriousness though-- role-playing nerds near Deutschland should definitely check the event out; it looks like a good time.)
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Seems like a cool convention, I'll keep crossing my fingers for an all Hentai convention;)
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When I went to Colossalcon last year, there was a panel called "Go! Tentacle Rangers!" Apparently, it was supposed to be a live action hentai experience (which I doubt they could have gotten away with, though I did see the boobs of some of the attendees), but they simply showed the craziest hentai they could think of. This included something about a girl whose body developed mysterious holes that she just had to fill, letting meatspin.com play for the first 10 minutes while the panel people introduced themselves, showing us "The Stallion" who will graze on our pastures, and Death Panda, a panda who has sex with women, making them explode when he orgasms (it's a gore hentai). It was awesome.
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@Baku_Sensei: I now have the "Go Go Power Rangers" song stuck in my head, but with "Go Go Tentacle Rangers" as the lyrics instead.

Good job.
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Baku_Sensei said:
When I went to Colossalcon last year, there was a panel called "Go! Tentacle Rangers!" Apparently, it was supposed to ... [more]
I've read Death Panda, love the Zoo part (guro+loli+bestiality) what more could you want? and i've read the holes part too

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