Confessioni di una maschera

Confessioni di una maschera is an anime episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia that was released on 07/22/2012

Libertà memories of his child hood start to come back after trying to put out a fire. Which leads to a confrontation with his mentor Dante.

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Plot Summary

Dante and young Liberta
Dante and young Liberta

In the old days, Dante shows Libertà Regalo Island as they approach the island from a ship. In the present, Libertà and Dante fish, and Dante catches more fish than his student. Later, Felicità tells Libertà that her mother has instruct her to give a special scarf to Jovanna. He follows the map that Nova created, and Libertà points to the roofs for a shortcut. On the roof, the two see the city and the ocean. Libertà tells her that ocean is incredible because it makes him feel free. Felicità asks him how he met Dante, but Libertà cannot remember. When he grabs her hand and tries to remember, he falls down with Felicità. They crash into a store. Moments later, Libertà and Felicità help the owner sell items to the customers. When Jovanna appears, Libertà sees her, and the two give Sumire's scarf to her. With the day already gone by, the owner tells them to take a gift, and Libertà picks a mask because he met a masked man who took him out of the orphanage. Then, Libertà finds a certain mask, and the man explains it came from an orphanage in the Nord country. Arriving to Dante's place, Libertà reveals the mask to Dante, and Dante changes the subject. He scolds Libertà for endangering Felicità, and Libertà storms off. Dante apologizes to Felicità, and she reads Dante's heart. Once Felicità leaves, Jolly informs Dante that Felicità had peeked into Dante's heart. Though, Dante refuses to believe that.

A while later, the maids do Felicità's hair while doing a little chit chat, but they find her concerned. The maids reassure her that they are here for her. During practice, Libertà tells Felicità that he will become stronger, and later, Felicità asks Nova about Libertà and Dante's past. Even though Nova does not know, he tells Felicità to asks Dante. Once Fukulota delivers a message to Dante, he arrives to speak with Felicità who wants to help Libertà. Meanwhile, Libertà tries to remember his past; Pace and the others grab Libertà , so they can eat dinner together. Luca tells Libertà to be cheerful. Suddenly, someone yells fire.

Liberta asks Dante why he erased his memories
Liberta asks Dante why he erased his memories

In Dante's story, he explains about an orphanage in the Nord Country where the men conduct experiments on children, and they treat Libertà cruelly because he had powers. At the fire, Libertà slowly remembers his past, and the masked man breaks into the orphanage. One of the men threatens to kill Libertà who unleashes his powers. Dante explains that Libertà's powers lies within his words. He tells Felicità that he adopted Libertà, and in time, Libertà gradually got happier. He explains that he use his Arcana Powers to seal Libertà's memories while Mondo seals his powers. Dante states that he did it so Libertà can get stronger and asks her to keep this a secret. In the manor, Libertà asks Felicità to peeked into his heart to reveal his past; however, Felicità refuses. Libertà grits his teeth and storms off. Nova finds Felicità wondering why they have Arcana Powers. In Dante's study, Libertà asks Dante if he was the masked man, and why he erased his memories. Dante explains that Libertà is not strong enough to accept his past. Libertà runs outside and trips, and he looks at the mask. Out of nowhere, Nova kicks him and informs Libertà about his promise to Felicità.

Points of Interest

  • Felicità used her Arcana Powers to look into Dante's heart unintentionally. She sees a bit of Libertà's past.
  • Libertà's Arcana Powers involve using his words. For example, if Libertà says burn, things burn.
  • Dante's Arcana Powers allow him to seal people's memories.

After the Credits

Dante is the sinner of the game, and he challenges Felicità to peek into his heart. Felicità sees Dante's bald, shiny head.


  • Japanese Name: (仮面の告白, Kamen no Kokuhaku)
  • Italian Name: Confessioni di una maschera
  • Opening Theme: "Magenta Another Sky" by Hitomi Harada
  • Ending Theme: "Pieces of Treasure" by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chiaki Kon Director She's the director of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.
Chiyomi Sara Original Concept She's the original character designer of Arcana Famiglia, so she counts as Original Concept.


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