A young man meets a mysterious stranger who suggests that his friend may hold a dark secret.

Detailed Summary

This episode introduces the main character of the series: Fumika, a special mail carrier that delivers letters from the dead called Shigofumi. The focus of this episode is Shota Machiya, a young man with an interest in rockets and a crush on his friend, Asuna Ayase.

Shota receives a Shigofumi from Asuna's deceased father that is addressed to my daughter's lover. Shota rejects the letter because he doesn't consider he and Asuna to be lovers yet but Fumiya mistakenly drops the letter as she leaves. Shota opens it and is disturbed to see that it suggests that Asuna killed her father.

Fumiya comes to retrieve the letter later that night when Asuna and Shota are alone in a park. Shota rejects the idea that Asuna is a murderer and demands that Fumiya leave them alone. Having heard Shouta say this, Asuna draws a knife and murders Shota.

Characters & Voice Actors

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