Confession: Sacrifice

Confession: Sacrifice is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 02/02/2012

Shu is trying figure out which to choose, Yahiro's Void Ranking System or something else to avoid discrimination everyone. Yet, Hare comforts him and confesses that she loves him. When Souta goes out to prove he is not weak, he endangers Hare and the others.

Will Shu be able to save everyone's lives?

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Souta feels he is weak
Souta feels he is weak

Hare heals everyone with her Void, and when a girl thinks her Void is not good as Hare's, Shu tells the girl that is not just strength, but how you help others with it. Shu narrates that he couldn't use Yahiro's ranking system and did a general Void exam instead. While Inori and Tsugumi serve food, Shu reports the red line is getting closer and that they have to be calm. When Shu realizes that they can't make it in time, Yahiro tells them to use the ranking system. Shu will not use it because it creates discrimination. In the cafeteria, Ayase expresses that she doesn't understand Shu's thinking, and Tsugumi states that sympathy will get people killed. Inori asks Shu what he wants to do. Later, Souta bumps into Shu while Hare, Tsugumi, and Ayase are taking a bath together. Hare is happy that Shu will become a kind king; Tsugumi tells Hare to confess her feelings towards him. On the roof, Souta tells Shu that it's discrimination to use the ranking system. After a hand shake, Souta wants him and he to do a shout.

Hare's love confession
Hare's love confession

The next day, Shu finds Yahiro, Kanon, and Arisa going over the vaccine doses. Yahiro reports that the vaccine supply is low. He proposes to distribute the vaccine to Shu and the ones with the strongest Voids to get it. Arisa gives him the decision to make, yet Shu finds out that Souta is in the lowest ranking. Souta and a group asks Shu not to use it the ranking system, and Souta asks Shu to let them practice using their Voids. Meanwhile, Seiga blackmails Daryl Yan with rumors of him not shooting at the Funeral Parlor. Then, Shibungi moves some chess pieces and questions Seiga who is playing chess with him. He asks Seiga if he wins, he can see "him." Later, Hare finds Shu who's depressed at the abandoned room where he first met Inori. He tells Hare that he is so indecisive, and she hugs him against her breasts. When Shu hears the word love, she hugs him tightly to her chest. Kanon calls Shu that Souta and a group of students left school. Souta and a group search for the hospital, but Shu finds them. Suddenly, the Antibodies attack them. Shu draws them away, yet Hare and Souta are in danger when they try to fix a car. Yahiro and the others go out to find Shu. Later, Hare wakes up in great pain and sees Shu lying still on the ground. Hare uses her bandages to heal Shu, and she bleeds slowly. Suddenly, the helicopter shoots and severs the bandages. Hare's body disintegrates and breaks down to the virus. Yahiro sees the whole event. Shu wakes up to see Hare dead, and as he tries to wake her up, Hare's body breaks down. Shu cries out loud. Shu finds Inori and takes her Void by force. He destroys the Enclave without any emotions. Ayase and the others see a new Shu.

Hare's death scene
Hare's death scene

Later, Souta tells Shu that it's his fault. Shu yells at Souta and punches him repeatedly. Souta apologizes, and Shu cries that Hare had treated him with kindness. Shu realizes that kindness is pointless and that the good must be separated from the trash. He vows to be the King.

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

  • Souta still loves Inori.
  • Souta is in the lowest ranking of Yahiro's Void ranking system.
  • Hare dies, and her origin story is seen for the first time.
  • Shu's scene where he forcibly removes Inori's Void looks like rape.
  • Hare states that Shu is the kind king. Ironically, Shu loses his kindness after her deat.


  • Hare's Confession: "And I love that you don't go around declaring things."
  • Hare's Origin Story: "Hey, Shu... Have you ever read a picture book called The Kind King? The king was really kind...He gave everyone money... and land...until finally... the country was gone.
  • Hare's Origin Story cont.: "You're like that king, Shu...the way you lose out because of your kindness...You know what? I think you're going to be a great king. So...
  • Hare's Last Words: "Shu...I'll give you... my..."
  • Shu: "I was wrong. Kindness is pointless."

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