Computer Studies

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Lesson 1: Computer Studies

Kintaro Oe has dropped out of law school to pursue a life of part time jobs to learn all that he can about the real world. When one of his new jobs lands him in an all female computer software company, how will he be able to handle the raunchy CEO referred to all as Madame President?

Plot Summary

Kintaro Oe is bicycling through the city, listening to his walkman and singing along as he is on his way to his new job at a computer software company. Due to the music, he is unable to hear the zoom of a Ferrari behind him as he loses control of his bike and lands head first into a pile of trash. As he recupirates, the woman driving the car gets out and reveals herself to be a woman dressed very loosely in a tight suit with jiggling breasts. Kintaro is smitten as he tries to clean up the mess. The woman withdraws a wad of money and hands it to him, nearly a million yen in 10,000 bills. He tries to decline the gift but the woman brushes him off as she leaves. Kintaro writes in his notebook about the experience as he goes to get his bike fixed.

Kintaro meets the illustrious President
Kintaro meets the illustrious President

He runs into a bike merchant who fixes his bike for free but notices a few Yakuza thugs threatening the old man afterwards. He jots notes down about the experience before heading to his new job. As he is taken around the office, he is told how the computer company operates as he notices all the staff is female. He runs into the CEO which turns out to be the woman that ran him over, only referred to as Madame President.

She has him clean the bathrooms as Kintaro lusts over the toilets in a perverted manner. President catches him as he tries to defend himself as he claims he spent a week studying basic computers. However, when put to the test, he doesn't know the advanced stuff. He asks what they do as they tell him, but Kintaro mistakes it for sexual slang. President gets annoyed and fires him but not before he gives a passionate speech that allows him to stay.

After his outburst, he shows to be quite good at his job and goes so far as to discuss several technological aspects of the team's current assignment as he writes notes down in his book. Even President herself is beginning to warm up to Kintaro. After an episode where he accidentally peaks at some of the female staff changing, he finishes up his day. He notices a computer still turned on and powers it down as well as turning off a server file that was still on. As he begins to leave, he hears President scream and goes to her aid.

Apparently what Kintaro thought was doing a good thing was not the case as he accidentally deleted all of the data the team had been working on currently for a project for three months. Kintaro tries to beg for forgiveness and goes as far to show President the notebook he wrote everything down in but she tears it up in front of him. He gets angry but realizes she saw the page where he wrote about his experience with her and how she is scary as hell. President chastises him as Kintaro still begs for forgiveness, saying also he doesn't have the money she gave him earlier. She accuses him of being a leech and an idiot as she kicks him out.

The team realize they were completely wrong about Kintaro
The team realize they were completely wrong about Kintaro

The team works around the clock for the next week as they are trying to replicate the data. One of the team members gets a disc that has all the data on it in a completed form. President thinks its a back up copy but in reality, it was something Kintaro made himself over the course of a week. President curses him as she thinks Kintaro tried to play her for the fool as the staff realizes that this new version fixes all the problems they originally had and makes it more user friendly, seeing that he is some sort of savant when it comes to learning things. A message from Kintaro pops up, apologizing for his mess as he bids them goodbye. President feels remorseful for what she did as she heard Kintaro was there a while ago and goes to find him.

Instead, she finds the elderly couple from the bike store and how they came by to thank Kintaro. Apparently, he gave the money President handed him to the couple so that they would be free from the Yakuza's grip. President knows that everything she called Kintaro was wrong and that he didn't deserve that treatment. She tries to find him, but he is long gone at that point, bicycling off to his next job.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuya Egawa Original Concept Former Math Teacher who quit after five months to start in career in the field of Manga.
Toshihiro Kawamoto Character Artist/Designer
Hiroyuki Kitakubo Storyboard Hiroyuki Kitakubo is also the series director for Golden Boy.
Kazufumi Nomura Executive Producer Producer for various anime series.


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