Competitive Sports Tournament

Competitive Sports Tournament is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar that was released on 09/18/2009
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
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The Student Council decides to hold a competitive sports tournament. Lashara becomes the official bookmaker, but her plans to get rich quick are dampened when everyone starts placing their bets on Kenshi. Will Kenshi live to make it to the finish line?

Plot Summary

Competitive Sports Tournament
RomajiKyōbu Taikai
Theme Music
OpeningKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
EndingSora to Kimi no Message

Successful infiltrated the Holy Land by a small portion of the pirates. It is up to Emera to keep them from arousing suspicion from the unsuspecting pupils or staff members. Although Lan is not making the job easy for her.

Kenshi sits on a bench next to an extremely bored and restless Lashara. Kenshi sees a woman, Lan, seemingly walking by two female students. Kenshi notices Lan pickpocket the students who have no idea it happened. Lan walks off arrogantly that she accomplished something so easy to types of people she hates. Kenshi acts. He walks by Lan and pickpockets her. Lan would not have noticed if she did not hear Kenshi return the stolen object which he informed the students it had dropped. Befuddled by this, when inspecting Kenshi, she realises he was one of the people brushing aside her pirate friends as if they were ants.

Inside their own quarters in Dagmyer’s home the pirates smoke and play poker, while their leader, Cordyline becomes more infatuated with Dagmyer. She is willing to give everything for him.

After being impressed by Kenshi, Lan tries to persuade him into joining her. Kenshi humbly rejects her offer.

Ulyte needs Dagmyer to keep the people of the Holy Land focus on other areas while he works behind to find their objective. He offers the Student Council a ‘Warrior Tournament’. Dagmyer sells it well to the other members including aspects each of them would enjoy. Aura likes the challenge of a worthy warrior. Lashara enjoys the money side of it. The tournament is hastily approved.

All the land has one topic in mind: the Warrior Tournament. Class exercises become more focused. Everyone seems to be working harder to improve themselves.

Lashara has opened up a betting area knowing a small portion of the betting money will go to her and with Kenshi, she has a chance of getting much more money. When she examines to betting lists she sees almost everyone has bet on Kenshi. She becomes angry because she knows Kenshi will probably win and have little return.

Mexiah gets promotion to have Kenshi in her custody until the tournament begins. Her accuse is she does not want the rest of the students chasing him and getting tired before the tournament starts. She chains him up and keeps him in her study. Kenshi becomes increasingly uneasy by Mexiah’s flirting. It elevates when Mexiah dives on him.

The next day the tournament begins. Many events take place such as: robotic duelling, wrestling, swimming, dance performance, and many more.

Lashara is forced to alter her plan; since she will lose a lot of money from the bets. Unfortunately, Kenshi is still locked away with Mexiah. So she finds his room and puts a note under the door which as rules for the tournament.

The final event of the tournament begins. It is a cross-county event. The race begins and everyone has left the starting arena. All except for Kenshi who is stood there counting away. He is asked what he is doing. It appears one of the rules Lashara put on the note was to count to ten thousand. Another rule is he is meant to give a handicap; which is attaching a large heavy object to himself. As he advances through the game he is met with someone hired by Lashara to lead him away from the main track. All put two have fallen in the race. The only two left are Aura and Kenshi. Kenshi suspects something is up and begins to let Aura get ahead of him to win the race. Chiaia has not been informed by Lashara to stop Kenshi from winning. She sees he is letting her win and threatens to take away his crystals if he is not victorious. Aura sees Kenshi approaching and before she knows it, Kenshi has passed her and already way ahead. After seeing such speed she retires from the game. Kenshi is victorious but does not know and carries on running. Even after running through the victory ribbon he continues running.

Chiaia, Aura, Yukine and Wan chase after a berserk-mode Kenshi on Wan’s robot. She fires her cannon to stop him but he evades her shots. Kenshi stops and turns on the robot. He jumps onto it and kicks the cannon upwards to stop firing at him. Yukine realises that what Chiaia said to Kenshi might be the cause of his berserk-mode state. She retracts her statement of confiscating his crystals. After hearing this, Kenshi becomes normal again. Everyone relaxes for a moment until they see the cannon ball returning downwards to hit them. Wan quickly manoeuvres to robot out of the way sending Kenshi into the forest in an unconscious state. They look for him but do not seem to find him because Aura has already found him. She puts water in her mouth and gives it to Kenshi to help wake him.

When waking up he is told he won the race. Aura seems aroused by the fact she lost to someone. Which is very rare. As Aura is about to confess her feelings and kiss him, Chiaia pops out of the bushes.

Ulyte’s planning throughout the Warrior Tournament has paid off. He informs Dagmyer and Emera that the only threat now is Kenshi. Dagmyer and Lan plan to take him out, but Ultye suggest taking time to form a plan otherwise they would be wiped out by Kenshi.

Emera takes things into her own hands. She waits for night and attacks Kenshi wearing a full body disguise. Her first attack fails so she leaps at him into a kamikaze attack into a hole with metal spikes at the base. A rope shoots into the hole as they fall which Kenshi catches and gets out. Kenshi calm as always tells his would be killer that she should not through away her life like that. Emera dejected gets up and walks off. Kenshi then turns to the person who through the rope to thank them. Kenshi ever so slight gets into an attacking position when the person enlightens him to an oncoming storm. Before Kenshi can act, the person points to the direction of the hole where Kenshi sees a Koro. He quickly runs over to stop the Koro from jumping in. When turning back the person has gone.

Students in the school notice a huge fortress travelling in their direction.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kumiko Yokote ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Shelley Calene-Black ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)


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Koji Yoshikawa Director
Hajime Watanabe Character Artist/Designer
Masaki Kajishima Original Concept A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Akifumi Tada Music


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