Compensation for the Dream

Compensation for the Dream is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 09/04/2011

Compensation for the Dream

The Staff are still taking in the news that Sui wants to shut down the Kissuiso. Everyone seems a bit down as they contemplate their plans for the future. Takako does not want to give up, and vows to go to Tokyo to find the producer, Tetsuo, that duped them and get payback. Takako takes Ohana along, so that Ohana can discuss future plans with Satsuki, then return to the Kissusio in time to service during the Bonbori Festival. Ohana isn't sure whether to visit Kouichi or not.

Plot Summary

The Staff are still trying to take in the fact that Sui plans on shutting down the Kissuiso. Everyone seems to be a bit down because of the news, as they each contemplate what they will do after the Kissuiso shuts down. Ohana admires the fact that Minko is so determined to become a chef. Ohana wonders about her own future.

Takako says not to give up
Takako says not to give up

Takako doesn't want to give up so easily and tells Enishi that she will work to regain the money that he stupidly lost on that bogus film. Sui meets with Ohana to talk about what Ohana will do after the Kissuiso closes. Takako who is heading to Tokyo is told to bring Ohana along. Sui tells Ohana to talk with Satsuki and discuss future plans. Sui gives Ohana 2 days to do this, and wants her back at the Kissuiso in time to work during the Bonbori festival, the busiest time of year.

Enishi seems to be lamenting to himself alone about Takako leaving his side so soon after getting married. Denroku tries to console him by saying that Takako probably thinks of this trip to Tokyo as her first step to becoming the next young madam manager. Sometimes it is a man's duty to sit and wait. Technically since Takako is now married to Enishi, Ohana is now Takako's niece. Takako asks Ohana to call her big sister, but Ohana just calls her a balut.

Ohana and Takako talk on the train
Ohana and Takako talk on the train

Satsuki happens to buy a book at the place where Kouichi works. Satsuki invites him to lunch. It seems that Kouichi still has feelings for Ohana and wants to know more about her. Back on the train, Ohana and Takako eat some bento which Minko had prepared. Takako wonders whether Ohana wanted to become a madam manager, Ohana says never wanted to. Ohana reflects on her life, how she hasn't really had any reason for staying at the Kissuiso, and how she had it easy as a kid.

Tetsuo is spotted!
Tetsuo is spotted!

When Takako and Ohana reach Tokyo, Takako sets off to find the film producer that duped them. Takako got the producer's location from Satsuki. Ohana says she will go with Takako since it is a matter of the Kissuiso. They find Tetsuo in a site-seeing tower, Takako flips Tetsuo onto the ground.

Ko and Satsuki
Ko and Satsuki

Satsuki takes Ko back to her office and gives him green tea since he doesn't drink coffee. Satsuki shows Ko a DVD of the Kissuiso, this is actually all the test footage left from the fake film. There is a brief interview with Ohana, she talks about how much she likes working with the others, and how she came from Tokyo. When asked whether she left behind family and a boyfriend, she says no since Ko is also working hard. Ko asks for some coffee, he remembers that the last time he drank coffee was with Ohana. Even though the coffee tasted bland at the time, Ko wanted to have the time spent with Ohana locked in his memories.

Ko starts walking home and says to himself that he won't give up on Ohana. As Ko is crossing the bridge to get across the street, he sees Ohana walking toward him from the other side.

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