Get Ready For NaviKare!

Topic started by gia on Jan. 25, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Navi Kare!
Navi Kare!
Interesting news from LiveDoor Anime: apparently a new program tangentially related to Comiket and Otome Road (a sort of female-oriented mini-Akihabara in Ikebukuro, Tokyo) is in the works. It's called Navigation Kareshi (Navigation Boyfriend), or NaviKare for short.

It's basically sort of a drama CD that takes the listener on a tour of the area guided by the listener's choice of two “boyfriends,” A and B-- 12 tracks each. I totally want this. And I'll bet you anything that if they don't already have a tsundere girl version for guys, they're working on it!

What anime character would YOU want to have give you a tour of Tokyo?

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How cool is this?!? I'll answer for you, very cool!

I can think of a number of different characters that it would be fun to get a tour of Tokyo from... *off into my own little world*
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I'd love to have Revy from Black Lagoon give me a tour of Japan. She seemed to have a good time there with Rock in Second Barrage ;)

A tour conducted by the Genshiken crowd would probably be awesome too.
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Sounds Awesome! I want Yoko to give me a tour of Comiket. Or Revy, to kick my butt during the tour.

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"a tsundere girl version for guys" -oh man I would love to have that... and I agree, Revy and Genshiken would be awesome if not hilarious to have as guides!

Dang, wish I had more ideas but all the combinations I can think of wouldn't make for very good tour guides... I mean, the SRT team from Full Metal Panic? Sosuke would tell you about all the hazardous parts of town, Kurz would say where you could pick up chicks in Harajuku, and Mao would probably just tell you where to get a map and say good luck...
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