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The world's largest comics convention, which occurs twice a year (summer and winter) in Tokyo, Japan.


Comic Market is one of the largest conventions in the world held twice a year for three days in August and December. As of recently, Comic Market is held in the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. This event holds several thousand sellers, known as circles, that sell doujinshi. There are company booths as well but most of the booths are held by amateur doujinshi artists. The very first time Comic Market was held In December 1975. There is no admission fee to enter; however, there is an option to purchase its catalog. Despite being focused on doujinshi, there is a section dedicated outside of the doujinshi selling area where cosplaying is seen.

Other Names

Comic Market is also known as:
  • Comiket ( コミケット/ Komiketto)
  • CM

When the first Comiket starts (August), it's usually referred as the Summer Comike. The Comiket held in December is called Winter Comike.

The Catalog

The Comic Market Catalog is an optional purchase, but attendees are encouraged to purchase it for its plethora of information and it is difficult to go around the convention center without one. The catalog comes in two forms: print and CD-ROM.
The print version has maps of the convention center and directions to and from the center itself. There is also the list of all of the circles as well as the rules of the convention.
The CD-ROM format of the catalog has several functions that can only be done with a computer made catalog. It contains the ability to search by several criterion: location, day, genre, title, circle, and so on. There are other functions such as customizable user-made lists, clickable maps, importing/exporting data, and saving .csv files for spreadsheet programs.

The Rules

Just like any other convention, there are a couple rules that attendees have to follow. All of these rules are listed in the Comic Market Catalog.

General Rules

  1. Do not run because there are too many attendees and the liklihood of someone getting trampled is great.
  2. Do not line up hours before the convention starts for pre-convention gatherings/parties. Local residents started complaining about this phenomenon.
  3. Do not take pictures of cosplayers outside of the Cosplay Square because there were problems in previous years where photographers would take unsolicited shots of cosplayers.
  4. Do not take pictures of cosplayers without their consent/permission.

What to Bring

  • A shoulder bag/backpack that is easily convenient
  • Floor maps
  • Business cards if you want to exchange contact information with artists.
  • A quality sketchbook at least A4 in size for custom sketches
  • Cash in small denominations since most circles don't have change
  • A camera with lots of memory
  • A railway guide and/or schedule
  • Comfortable clothes that breathe well since it gets humid due to body heat
  • A pencil/pen or other writing utensil
  • A cell phone even though the network may be crowded
  • A Japanese friend if you don't speak Japanese well

What Not to Bring

  • Anything weapon-like in appearance
  • Personal checks and/or traveler's checks
  • The print version of the Comic Market catalog
  • A heavy coat or many layers of clothing

Anime References

Since Comiket is a famous convention, there are quite a few times when the convention is mentioned in anime and manga.

Lucky Star

Kagami reading a yaoi doujinshi
Kagami reading a yaoi doujinshi

Konata in Comiket
Konata in Comiket
In episode 12, Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa go to Comiket 71. Despite her first time, Kagami is fine at the event but gets traumatized by a yaoi doujinshi. Tsukasa becomes overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the convention. Konata does her normal rounds as circles try to court her into buying their doujinshi.


There were many times when Comiket was referenced to except that in this series, the convention is known as Comic Festival (nicknames: Comic-Fest; Comifes). The Genshiken members go to the convention to buy doujinshi. Eventually, Sasahara tries to start their own club's doujinshi with Kugayama and Ogiue as the main artists. Ogiue eventually starts trying to have her own booth as well.
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Japanese Name: コミックマーケット
Romaji Name: Komikku Māketto
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