Vice Interrogation: Fat Princess

Topic started by gia on July 30, 2009. Last post by ganchan 5 years, 5 months ago.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
John is on his way home from San Diego, leaving me to gush about how awesome Fat Princess looks! I didn't get to play it myself (I have a guilt problem; we were on the system for ten minutes before I rushed us along to allow the next person in the growing line to play the game.
My guilt paid off, though, because the next day Sony announced that Fat Princess would be out on Thursday...aka today! In case our excitement, our video, and our upcoming Vice Fights-- yes, tomorrow will be dedicated to Fat Princess battles rather than Blaz Blue --here's another video, just some sped-up gameplay. John swears up and down that the system is incredibly intuitive, and as soon as I finish this article I'm going to go purchase my own copy.
Yes, you too can be proud owner of Fat Princess! It's currently $14.99 and sitting in your Playstation Store just waiting for you to take it home. Go! Shoo! Go get it! And if you're thinking "meh, I've got no one to play it with," well, suffice it to say that there are about a half-dozen Vicers already playing it on the #AnimeVice IRC channel, and I'll be joining 'em soon enough!
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
Lots of fun. Come join us. We don't bite, except in a sexual manner.
Post by Agent_Lost (1,124 posts) See mini bio Level 10
I need a PS3 :(
Post by Sherskenskey (2 posts) See mini bio Level 1

Have to say Fat Princess is absolutely AWESOME. I just bought it 5 hours ago I have finished the story mode which is quite entertaining. Not able to find people online yet but single player is great fun too :D

Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
@Sherskenskey: Try the IRC - a lot of people have the game, so you might be able to find a game. My PSN is Siggums. You add me if you want. If I'm playing it'll be with #animevice people.
Post by Sherskenskey (2 posts) See mini bio Level 1
@Sigue: Ok I will thanks I tried the IRC before and I was not able to get to the site list here but I will defiantly try again Thanks :D:D
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
To be honest, I found it to be quite fun, but it really does get old pretty quickly after a few hours since all the game modes are about the same with only slight changes in the objectives of each. Definitely worth it though for the price.
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@HeeroYuy: It's a game that's really designed to be multiplayer-- the only complaint I have so far is the lack of local multiplayer. *crosses fingers for a patch or other good DLC*
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@gia: I understand that, and I didn't expect much from the singleplayer since I figured the meat of it was in the multiplayer. The thing is, even with the diversity multiplayer provides, there's only one real true gametype and even with a bunch of your friends it still gets old after a few hours.

I think it would be better if I described this game sorta like if left 4 dead only had versus. Yeah, it's plenty of fun, but it's best to enjoy it in short 1 or 2 hour bursts and come back to it in-between other things.
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I like playing Hunter: The Reckoning, Gauntlet and Zombie ate my neighbors, but for some reason I don't want to play this game.

What up with the music.  It sounds right out of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
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@gia: Well, atleast we know that we're getting DLC *points to the Fat Downloads option*
Post by ganchan (77 posts) See mini bio Level 1
The music you chose for the video makes me think this would only be improved by a mod to play as the guys from the Yatta! video.  Complete with fig-leaf tighty-whiteys.
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