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Topic started by John_Martone on July 22, 2009. Last post by xxawesomelucyxx 5 years, 6 months ago.
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We're but moments away from going to the preview night, and once again we face the eternal experiment. How, exactly, do we make the con fun to the reader.
Sure, we could just do a dozen articles a day about cool stuff and panty shots, but we're going to try making the process a bit more "active" and a touch more inclusive. Basically, what's more fun than making people jump through hoops?
Meet the Request thread. Bookmark it, hug it, haunt it, because believe me... I will. The premise is simple... Request things. Photos, swags, questions answered. Ask and you shall receive, every question will be answered, even if the answer isn't what you want (such as "we are so not going to ask [XYZ person] that"). This will be the only thread of this kind, and will run for the entire convention, so keep that in mind.
"Get me a picture of Kamina riding a Yoshi?"
"Can you get Samuel Jackson's autograph?" 
"I want a picture of Man-Ranka?"
"What does Kevin Smith smell like?"
"Is Bandai still putting out Shigofumi?" (Gia missed getting this at Otakon, but it's on her mind, she swears.)
"I've got this rash that's been lasting for months, should I see a doctor?"
Done. Fear our warcry, kekekeke...
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Actually, my first question to you, Gia, is if you nice AnimeVice folks are having a meet 'n greet anywhere at the Con?
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Thank you! I've been waiting for this very thread so long. Okay, my biggest question goes to Tokyopop: do they have any plans of releasing anymore omnibus editions of Kare Kano? They released one last year that contained volumes 1-3. So I'm hoping they have plans for releasing more.

Next, does Tokyopop plan on licensing Natsuki Takaya's (Fruits Basket mangaka) Hoshi no Uta? Lol, I so wouldn't be surprised if they announce that license at Comic Con anyway.

Okay, finally, this one might be stretching it. So it's particularly directed at CMX, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yen Press snatches this one up because they're awesome. Is anyone going to license Kaoru Mori's (Emma and Shirley mangaka) Otoyomegatari? I'm not sure if volume 1 of this series has been released in Japan yet. But I really, really hope publishers are keeping an eye out for it as a potential license.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIA! I will be checking this thread lovingly the next 4 days. :)

P.S. - I thought of more. XD
1. Will Viz license Kazune Kawahara's (High School Debut mangaka) Aozora Yell?
2. WIll Viz license ANYTHING of Ai Yazawa? (Particularly Kagen no Tsuki.)
3. Will CMX license Tohru Fujieda's (Oyayubihime Infinity mangaka) Dragon Girl?

Like I said...I've been waiting so long to asks these questions. Thanks! :)

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Does TOKYOPOP have any plans for the second volume of Gravitation EX?

Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
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Look dude. Asking any company if they will license anything WILL NOT WORK. Jesus Christ.


I would like to request several pictures of Ali's Ties.
For the love of god, Tell Peter T. I miss him.
Ask Miyazaki ANYTHING

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If possible, ask Del Rey about the release of the Kara no Kyoukai light novels we were supposed to see earlier this year, just don't sound like a jerk like I just did. ^^;
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@Kiriska: @PandyWandy: I'm handing these onto Gia, but Kuro does bring up a point. In most cases we masses will only know when they are good and ready to tell us, and not a day earlier
@Kuro: Can do. I get extra points for touching him, right?
@Schwindelmagier: Del Rey was the one we didn't get a chance to run by in the bevy of preview day. We will most certainly bring it up with them.
@JohnnySake: Great idea! What's good for you, relatively I dunno what readers are where, when, and how.
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Also, meet girl-pool.
We caught her waiting for the Blue Line to get to downtown. Spent the next few minutes debating if she should be called "Girl-pool" or "Dead-girl"
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find me a wife~
Post by SteepInKline (12 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Can we get a look at what Funimation has to offer at Comic Con, including that anime/video game project whose name escapes me?
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@GodLen: Done!

@SteepInKline: They had a DS game set up, or were you talking about something else. Either way, ok!
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@JohnnySake: We're thinking about one on Sunday. When are you free? :)
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@SteepInKline: Sands of Destruction / World Destruction. :)
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A) Can you ask TokyoPop if they still plan to release Demon Flowers vol. 5, since it's the LAST volume of the series?

B) Will Funimation get their download-to-own service to work with Macs?

Thanks and have a great time.
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@gia: Yeah, that one. They announced the anime at Otakon, if memory serves.
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@Schwindelmagier: They hide in shame as we brought it up. We'll grill them harder at their panel. That said, the person we talked to did say they hadn't forgotten it.
Also, unsafe climber is unsafe.
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I cant really think of anything...Well i guess if its cool could you guys any autographs from anyone of significance whether it be anime, comic books, or movies! to address to T.  -_-

AH HERE is a question at the viz media panel(if they have one that is) can you guys please found out what the status of the naruto shippuden dub?I know its being made but will it be aired on TV at all?or will it be straight to dvd only?

and also im guessing you guys are going to do this but lots of pics and videos would be nice!  but if you guys want to know something how about rare anime stuff like Evangelion or  something new like Code geass?

Anyhow thanks for anything you guys can to! have FUN WISH I WAS THERE!

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@devilleonx: It's actually sometimes harder for press to get autographs-- we don't have time to wait in line at the autograph session and it's considered bad form to ask during an interview, generally speaking. Sadly ;)
I'm sure someone will ask about Shippuden on TV, someone always does. If there's new news, you'll definitely hear it from us-- if not, though, I believe the last answer was something to the effect of "we're trying!" :)
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13

I thought some of you might enjoy John, the Charlie's Angel. (Marvel's Angel? Something like that.)
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