CCI09: Day Three Plan-a-Thon

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I'm sure some of you were disappointed that I didn't wind up covering Yen Press's panel yesterday-- I got asked to actually comment on, of all things, the Halo Legends DVD! And it took longer than I thought it would. But don't worry, I'll make up for it by running by Yen's booth and catching up on all the news, so leave behind any questions you've got.

This may be Saturday, but it's also day three, so things are starting to lighten up a little bit. We've got Dark Horse at 11am (PST, natch), which will cover their comics AND their manga, and I've had a tip that it'll be well, well worth attending, so be sure to be around for the liveblog! I think you'll get to be the FIRST to hear some cool news.

Immediately after that, John is going to be covering VIZ Media's Ikki panel, and then we've got a big break until evening. Well, I call it a "break," but it'll actually be when we get lunch and run through the exhibit hall asking all these questions for Yen Press, Del Rey, TOKYOPOP, and everyone else you guys want to know stuff from! (And maybe get in a little shopping if we can...)

Speaking of Del Rey, I've got their panel at 5:30pm. We all love Del Rey panels-- giveaways and wacky ties from Ali Kokmen. And sometimes they throw things at me. Don't miss it! It'll be interesting to see what the focus of the panel is, actually, since it's "Del Rey Manga & Comics." I think that's more or less how they did it last year; they talked manga and they also talked about some of their other graphic novels and projects (like the Garfield Minus Garfield compilation).

As always, keep the requests coming! Double-especially if you have questions for Yen Press! The more excuses I have to hang out with them the better.
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