Buy Your CCI'10 Badges Now

Topic started by gia on Oct. 6, 2009. Last post by DJTyrant 5 years, 5 months ago.
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 This calls for FACEPALM EN MASSE.
 This calls for FACEPALM EN MASSE.
Why? Because they've already sold out of the four-day badges that include access to preview night.

THAT IS NOT A TYPO. They have sold out of their alloted 4 Day + Preview Night badges. I can't even imagine-- the convention isn't for more than NINE MONTHS from now! And the preview night badges weren't cheap, either-- $100. The four-day badges without preview night are still available, but don't go thinkin' that you'll get any kind of's STILL $100. Insanity.

However, they haven't opened up any other badges at the moment, so if you're going to try for a single day badge (or several), you'll want to be keeping a very close eye on this page for when they come available...lest they sell out of THOSE insanely quickly, too. Yeesh!

Dear San Diego: please hurry up and get bigger. I don't think there's a bigger option for SDCC in the US at the moment, and they NEED to be able to let in more people. Good grief.
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$100?! And I thought last year's prices were stiff. 
Still, come Hell or high water, I will be back this year.
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@Hamblasto: I'll see you there! :)
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C'mon Gia , you should know better than that. ;-) While the Con is going on you can buy your badges for next year. And since it sells out regularly, it's probably smart to get your tix while the getting is good. But yes, you're right, it seems weird to do it so early, but it really is s.o.p. for many folks.
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That's crazy!  I've been saying for years that San Diego comic con need to move to Las Vegas.  This is the prof of it.  Their have more than enough Convention space over their to fit San Diego Comic con.
I know it get hot in the summer in Vegas.  I lived their for 22 years.  I think that is the way to go.  Maybe move the con to the winter.
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WTF!? I guess I need to buy passes to make sure I go this year since I've been wanting to go for a while now, I had no idea they were even on sale yet :(
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