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Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong is the Strong-Arm Alchemist in the Amestris State Military. A muscular, compassionate man. He's the fourth child of the Armstrong Family.

Aoi Sakuraba

"Aoi's grandest wish is to be with Kaoru-sama!"

Dan Hibiki

Dan Hibiki is a character in the video game series Street Fighter. He is an overconfident yet weak fighter who uses his own style of fighting, called Saikyo style which literally means "strongest style".


As one of Vamp's minions, the bird-like Dolgon regularly receives beatings and also works at a tavern.

Don Kanonji

The host of a popular exorcism based television program, Don Kanonji is one of the few humans in Bleach who is capable of seeing spirits and hollows without any assistance. He is also known for his catchphrase and trademark laugh, "The Spirits are always with you! Bwahahahaha!"

Eri Ninamori

Class President and Possible Love Interest of Naota


The legendary partner who has a long history. Able to connect with any user. He goes unused because no one can stand his rules or his obnoxious personality.

Excel Excel

The Fast-Talking, Hyperactive Heroine


Freeway is a member of the Autobots who enjoys insult comedy


A character representing Nazi Germany during WW2. As befits his country, he is tough, efficient, and very serious. He is only character that was not given a surname to go with his human name.


Happy is an Exceed with the ability to fly. He is also the best friend/companion of Natsu.


Hercule or Mr. Satan is the world martial arts tournament champ who also has a daughter named Videl.


Excel's partner in crime. She often goes on paired missions.

Jean-Pierre Polnareff

The stand-user of Silver Chariot. A man from France who tries to avenge his murdered sister who have been killed by a stand user with 2 right hands.


Judge is the judge of the TV show Judgement Day who was presiding over the trial of Panty & Stocking for murder.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.

Kaoru Hanabishi

"Though I have nothing of worth to offer her, please allow me to be with your daughter!"

Keigo Asano

High School friend of Ichigo Kurosaki

Kenji Harima

The Misunderstood Former School Delinquent who is in love with Tenma.

Komiyama Tsutomu

Komiyama Tsutomu is a Tsukkomi comedian and a minor character in Sket Dance.


A modified soul who lives in a stuffed lion when not in Ichigo Kurosaki's body.


A horned red demon of limited intelligence, a childlike demeanor, and a voracious appetite (occasionally eating companions). Krug can act in a violent manner at times and tends to talk in the third person.

Leonardo III

Leonardo is a green-eyed male cate with grey fur, though he is more commonly known as Leo. He usually projects a general air of idiocy. He has shown signs of a deeper intelligence, or at least marginal quantities of common sense.


Luigi is another well-known Nintendo character, and the consistent right-hand man to his older brother, Mario.

Marechiyo Omaeda

The lieutenant of the second division of the Gotei 13, under Soifon, hailing from a very wealthy family.

Mayu Miyuki

"Mayu will never be false to Mayu!"

Megumi Kannazuki

Megumi Kannazuki is Miki Onimaru's rival, and she is the delivery girl for the bakery that's across from the Onimaru Ramen shop.


Jokester of the TMNT


"I swear I will protect your love!"

Motosugu Shirahama

Motosugu is the father of Kenichi Shirahama and husband of Saori Shirahama. He becomes protective of Kenichi during his training at Ryouzanpaku and carries his 2 shotguns with him, "Sebastion" and "Maximillion".


Afro'd alter ego of anime director Shinichi Watanabe.

Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail's main protagonist brandishing Fire Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu was raised by the ancient dragon Igneel. He's resilient to damage, breathes/eats fire, and has a serious temper problem.

Northern Italy

A character that represents Northern Italy during the second World War. He usually sings the ending song in the anime.

Oga Tatsumi

A strong fighter who becomes the earthly father of the Demon King's son, Beelzebub.

Old Man

A senile old man that misses his wife. He is also a parady of the old man from the "Pokemon" games that shows you how to catch pokemon.


The alter ego of Scott Ramsoomair, who is a incompetent superhero who conceals his identity by wearing trousers and sometimes underpants on his head. His weakness is vodka cooler, which causes him to drop his trousers and transform into Peter Pantsless.


A South American immigrant living in F City. When he know that his own wife was unfaithful to him and pregnant with the other man's child he is devastated by this.

Phoenix Wright

The main protagonist of the first three Ace Attorney games and manga, Phoenix Wright is a valiant defense attorney, working hard to ensure justice for all!


Ren is one of the main characters from the anime series DearS.

Rikdo Koshi

The creator of Excel Saga as he appears in his own show.

Satoru Ichi

The lead male of the hentai manga Slut Girl. He is a sappy virgin from the country who becomes the boyfriend/benefactor of Sayoko Bizen.

Shadow Girls

Reoccurring characters in "Revolutionary Girl Utena" that are known for comically sharing the events of Ohtori Academy with each other.


Shinza is the slack-jawed inventor of the Hayakkenbori-Furai Row House.


A young warrior of the southern water tribe and brother of Katara

Spirit of Jackal

A spirit that appeared as a Representative of the jackal


Sunred is the protagonist in Astro Fighter Sunred. Once a powerful hero, Sunred now lives with his girlfriend, smokes, and occasionally interacts with the Florsheim Kawasaki Branch.

Taeko Minazuki

"I'm so sorry!"

Tina Foster

"Let's drink!"

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is the doctor and youngest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a reindeer that ate the Human-Human Fruit. This allows him to change into human form and talk.


A character from various "Transformer" continuities like in the "Beast Wars portion of "Generation 1" and "Animated." He transforms into a wasp and is either a predacon or a autobot turned decepticon depending on the continuity.

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