Comedy ~First Kiss~

Comedy ~First Kiss~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 10/29/2009

The day of the school's cultural festival has arrived as Shizuru's indirect humilation of Natsuru continues. The entire class strips Femme!Natsuru and Akane and forces them to dress up in different raunchy costumes.

When the beauty contest pops up, Femme!Natsuru shows up in a costume out of Revolutionary Girl Utena, the least revealing one she could find. A short moment later, Kaede appears in a bridal dress and starts acting out a scene from the "Zomotsu (Entrails) Animals" series. She nearly kisses her, until that gets interrupted by Kampfer!Akane shooting at them, and then followed by Shizuru showing up in a large cape and wielding throwing knives. Somehow, her knives make the others go to sleep.

When Natsuru wakes up, he's in male form again, and Shizuru gives him his first kiss. Outside of the school, Natsuru's friend Mikoto shakes the wedding bouquet she caught in frustration at not being able to find the male Natsuru, and another Zomotsu Animal tumbles out of it.

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