Come Together

Come Together is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 11/26/2005

Come Together Episode 5

As Team Satomi recovers from the massive loss against Team Velhstein, Michiru goes to an old family friend for help on how to fix the mechs properly. While they wait for the repairs to finish, River attempts to do whatever it takes in order to get the chance to race in the next event. Nothing seems to stand in his way to achieve his goal.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

Cunningham's prediction comes to fruition in lap two
Cunningham's prediction comes to fruition in lap two

As rain begins to fall on the track, sirens go off in the distance as all three mechs of Team Satomi have been laid to waste in the middle of lap two. Takeshi tries to piece together what happened as Team Velhstein jets off to finish the race. Liz, Amy, and Luca note that they are out of the race too as Takeshi remembers vividly that he went in to attack Cunningham and he used some sort of electric attack that wiped them all out in a heart beat. Michiru looks on in disgust and horror as Sir Hamgra and his team seem to be quite content with the results of the race as Benjamin Bright exclaims that nothing like that has ever happened in IG-1 history. Later on, Takeshi tries to cool down by hanging out at the empty track as Cunningham drops by to prove his point that no one would beat him. Takeshi tries to declare that he'll win next time, bummed out that they didn't get the chance to try as Cunningham reminds him that he won't win the next time.

The next day, Mark and Jesse go through the inventory of what needs to be repaired in order to get the mechs up and running before race day. Michiru notes that some of the pieces are being replaced frequently as she tries to come up with a solution on how to cut costs. At the same time, River meets with her to discuss the next race. Michiru is willing to allow River to race in the defender position to give Liz a break, but he demands to play forward since that's what he wants. Michiru tries to reason with him as he storms off to take care of some work. After the meeting, Michiru visits an old engineer who was friends with her grandfather, Ichi who she confides as to whether or not she can keep up Team Satomi. Ichi tells her that her grandfather loved the team and wanted it to stay afloat no matter what. Michiru hands him some blueprints to work on for the mechs. It is also at this time that the team gets wind of the news that Fantine and Takeshi are communicating with one another and possibly going out.

Back at the base, the team is trying to figure out what happened during the race against Team Velhstein as River begs Andrei for a chance to play forward which he denied, Andrei saying he needs to be patient. He also begins to hound Takeshi and that it is his fault they lost so easily to Velhstein and that all the losses up to that point were his fault. Nevertheless, both of them continue to study and figure out Velhstein's secret as Takeshi finds River snooping around after hours one night. The two get into a fight as they accidentally trigger the security protocol that locks them in with Mark until the morning.

River and Takeshi have the whole night to work out their problems
River and Takeshi have the whole night to work out their problems

During the night, Mark hangs out with the two to figure out why they started to race. Takeshi tells the story of his favorite IG-1 racer, The Rocket, and how during one race he crashed and burned out but got back up and exacted revenge for the assault. River notes that The Rocket was a figure for him but his main figure was his father, who was also a racer. He states that his old man never made it big and was always behind others which he hated. He said that he would become a racer to surpass his father as Takeshi realizes what exactly River has been going through, trying his best to make up with him.

The next morning, Andrei arrives to let the three out as he figures out that Mark sabotaged the security locks to not open until the morning. His rationale was that putting River and Takeshi in the same room would cause the two to work out their differences which seemed to have worked for the moment. Jesse arrives with some packages as Mark finds Ichi's work ready to be used for the mechs as well as brand new and impressive equipment. Mark knows that it wouldn't fit into the mechs to which Ichi allows him to reverse engineer his work to make it fit, both showing respect to one another about their ability. Michiru feels confident going into the next race that she calls the board of directors for Satomi Heavy Industries and tells them to watch the next race. Meanwhile, River gets Andrei to program a simulator between him and Takeshi. It is shown that River does know what he is doing and all he needs is the opportunity to show his skills.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Alexander Cunningham Hume-Velhstein-Forward1st15
Jan Michael-Velhstein-Midfielder2nd7
Takeshi Jin-Satomi-ForwardN/A*0
Amy Stapleton &Luca-Satomi-MidfielderN/A*0
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-DefenderN/A*0

*Denotes that racer did not finish the race. As a result, no points were awarded.

Final Score

Winner: Team Velhstein

Team Velhstein: 27 points

Team Satomi: 0 points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

1 Win 1 Loss 1 Tie

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