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As he nears the New World, Christopher Columbus tells cabin boy Paco about his youthful hardships, the difficulties of convincing others of his vision, and the final victory when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to sponsor his trip. The sailors are doubtful, though Columbus is vindicated when they arrive on land, but it's not the planned destination of Japan. This Franco-Japanese coproduction was made to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus's "discovery" of America but not released in Japan until January 1993. Also appearing as one of the biographical subjects of Great People and Stories of Greatness, Columbus is a serious rival with Oda Nobunaga and Helen Keller to become the most-portrayed historical figure in anime. He was the protagonist of Adventurer: He Came from Spain (2002, Bokenmono), an anime movie directed by Fumio Kurokawa and written by Nobuyuki Fujimoto, concentrating on his trials to secure funding from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, before finishing with the well-known story of his first landing in the West Indies. The authors presume that the subtitle in the English-language title refers to the point of origin of Columbus's voyage, since, although it may be a matter of some debate, most historians would argue that he came from the Republic of Genoa.

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General Information Edit
Name: Columbus
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1992
Romaji: Columbus no Daiboken
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 70 (mins)
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Aliases Les Aventures de Christophe Columbe
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