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It's a harem, smut manga that revolves around Ryosuke who came home from college in Tokyo.


Created by the company Ponkotsu Works. There is no author's name yet.

The story is about Ryosuke who came home from a college in Tokyo. It has been 3 years since he has come home, and he notices that the women are very assertive. One by one, he is sleeping with Tanaka Ryouko, a girl with glasses, and a hot nurse. However, it's implied that he still have affections for his childhood friend, Shiho. 3 years ago, he confessed to her, but he got rejected by her.


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  • Ryosuke Hata (畑 亮介, Hata Ryōsuke) - The main male lead who arrives back to the farmlands after 3 years of going to college. He finds himself in compromising situations with the local girls.
  • Shiho (志穂) - She is Ryosuke's childhood friend who rejected Ryosuke after he has confessed his feelings for her.
  • Ryouko Tanaka (田中 凉子, Tanaka Ryōko) - She is Ryosuke's highschool classmate who is looking for a man. Tanaka has sex with Ryosuke after a hard workout.
  • Hitomi (仁美)- She's a student at the agricultural university, and her dream is to be a farmer's wife. She works for Ryosuke's mother. Like Tanaka, she also has sex with Ryosuke.
  • Unnamed Nurse - She treats Ryosuke at the hospital after Shiho hits his eyes with a vine, and she forces herself on Ryosuke. She tells Ryosuke to visit again after having sex with him.
  • Ryosuke's Mother (おばさん, oba-san)
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 1
March 7, 2011
General Information Edit
English Name Colorful Harvest
Japanese Name: からふるはーべすと
Romaji: Karafuru Hābesuto
Publisher Takeshobo
Start Year 2011
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Aliases The Catcher in the Grapes
karafuru habesuto
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