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Welcome everyone! The Color Spread pages was created by .

If you guys and gals have any high quality magazine spreads or manga spreads, please upload here and then on the franchise page of that series under "Official Arts or Magazine Spreads" gallery.

Note: I seem to lost Daniel Newton's rules on images and organization. I'll call .

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Thank you, let's make the biggest image gallery for color spreads!

From Daniel's Official Art Thread, here are the rules concerning these images:

"Official Art"?

What qualifies as "Official Art" you ask? A bunch of things: Artwork from magazines, posters, CD covers, DVD/BR covers, Visual Novel covers, Manga covers, etc. As long as it's officially affiliated with a franchise, it counts. Just make sure you know it's official and not just really good fan art or a vector trace (a digital trace of official art), sometimes it can be hard to tell.

What ISN'T Official Art?

I pretty much covered the major types of Official Art, so basically anything outside of what I listed above. But if you still need it spelling out; figures, cosplay, anime screen captures, and fan art don't count, so don't post them in this thread.

Where should I add these in the wiki?

Personally I find the default galleries too broad, making it easy to lose images in the depth of the ever-growing galleries on this site. I recommend adding these galleries to pages:

  • Franchise page: Anime Art, Manga Art, Visual Novel Art, CD Covers, DVD/BR Covers, Other Merch
  • Character page: Anime Art, Mange Art, Visual Novel Art

Where do manga/novel covers go? Upload those to the book/volume page they belong to. Why shouldn't you add merchandise to the character pages? I think that's better on the franchise page, same reason why I don't advise adding fan art to the franchise or series pages, that belongs on character pages. After all, if we added everything everywhere the galleries would be ridiculous wouldn't they? These aren't official rules or anything, but I highly recommend the galleries I've suggested.

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