Collateral Damage Concepts

Collateral Damage is a anime/manga concept
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Fans and viewers will feel some joy after witness wanton destruction of property.

Dragon Slave

Dragon Slave is one of Lina Inverse most powerful spell.


Explosions are featured in a wide array of anime/manga, created from various weapons/attacks.

Fairy Tail (Guild)

Natsu's definition for his guild is that their specialty is destruction.

Loss of Innocence

Like real life, anime and manga characters lose their innocence through war, trauma, rape, torture, and many agonizing scenarios.

Phantom Lord Guild

Gajeel destroys Fairy Tail's home.


Gundams and transformers destroy lots of things.

Super Robot

Super Robot is a sub-genre of mecha anime revolving around having robots with fantastical powers, hot-blooded characters and monster of the day plots.

Team Natsu

It's mostly Natsu and Gray's fault for property damage.


Consequences of Collateral damage due to unnecessary loss of life.


A major cause of collateral damage.

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