Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is a anime/manga concept
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Collateral Damage is a military term describing a situation where soldiers destroy property or kill civilians by accident or on purpose. Example:Dragon Ball Z, there is a lot of property damages and lives lost when Majin Buu blows up the whole city.

A frequent theme in Shounen anime and animes based on wars. Sometimes, it shows the pains of human nature or intelligent life and in comedy, the destruction of buildings makes sadists and maniacs happy.

Tragic AnimesComedic AnimesAction animes
Gundam seriesFairy Tail seriesDragon ball series
Neon Genesis Evangelion seriesBeelzebub seriesTransformers Series
RahXephon seriesSlayers seriesBleach series
Puella Magi Madoka seriesDirty Pair seriesOne Piece series

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General Information Edit
Concept Name Collateral Damage
Japanese Name: コラテラル ダメージ
Romaji Name: korateraru damēji
Aliases Property damage
Total War
Attacks on Civilians
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