Coins of the Scale

Coins of the Scale is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 05/15/2013
The Severing Crime Edge
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Plot Summary

Coins of the Scale


Romaji—Tenbin no Ginka—
MangaCh. 15-16
(Vol. 3)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
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Romio and Ruka tell Kiri and Iwai that they will not harm Iwai. He hands a letter from Gossip to Kiri. Later by the station, Kiri, Iwai, and Yamane wait for Ruka. They happen to observe Houko acting sweet with her friends. After Houko chats with Kiri and the gang about the Gossip party, Houko asks Kiri how he can hang out with Iwai. Houko states that watching Kiri and Iwai together makes her feel guilty for not being there for Yamane. At Houko's home, Houko receives a call from Iwai. Iwai asks Houko what should she wear. Houko asks Iwai why she would ask her for help despite how much Houko had abused her. Iwai explains that Houko had saved her life. Houko breaks down and cries while Iwai shares her sympathy. Shortly after, Houko informs Yamane that she has loaned Iwai an old dress and allows Yamane to insert her needle into Houko's arm. In a flashback, Yamane struggles to resist the voice in her head that tells her to kill. Young Houko slaps Yamane. That night, the two sisters sleep together.

Over at Misumi's hair salon, Misumi asks Kiri why has he been frowning while she cuts Kiri's hair. Misumi recalls the first time she has met Kiri. In her flashback, Misumi finds Kiri waiting on a chair. She wakes Kiri up and tells him to go home. With Misumi turning her back on Kiri, Kiri gazes upon Misumi's long, luscious hair. Kiri creeps up behind Misumi and caresses Misumi's hair. Kiri grabs Misumi's scissor, and he presses against her back. Misumi comments that Kiri was pretty creepy, but she appreciates his comment about her hair.

That night, Kiri and Iwai head over to the Gossip party. Kiri thanks Sumeragi for the ride. Then, Houko and Yamane arrive. Kiri offers his hand and assures Iwai that they will be together. Meanwhile, Sumeragi informs someone that he has brought Kiri and Iwai and hopes Kiri avoids his "fate."

Manga & Anime Differences

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Characters & Voice Actors

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Yuji Yamaguchi Director
Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.


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