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The true mastermind of the rebellion.
The true mastermind of the rebellion.

And so we’ve come to the end of another series. The more of these I do, the less inclined I am to come with up cumulative comments. I watched CODE GEASS, it was fun, and now it’s time to start a new show. I don’t know, “remake” is the worst word imaginable to purists, but I’d say this might actually benefit from some adaptation which weaved all the strings of this epic tapestry into something tighter and free of all the frayed ends. Then again, if we took out all the ridiculous stuff, we wouldn't have this unique, outrageous experience, so maybe it’d be better to let to just let this cheetah keeps it polka dot spots. I’ll give this credit over something like TRIGUN for at least seeming to be intentionally ridiculous.

I mean, this is a show where…

  • “Spinzaku” has the supreme marksmenship needed to shoot a helmet in half.
  • Cybernetic implants grant some random villain the gift of Engrish. "Back from behind!"
  • Everybody, from mousy research assitants to mousy high school students, knows how to pilot highly-sophisticated battlesuits.

So I think I’ll have to just leave this laugh riot where it is, unless there ends up being some significant expressed interest in this community. Otherwise, I’m just going to let my imagination fill in what will happen in season two. I predict more hilarity, of course, and also I predict it’ll be revealed that Lulu and Suzaku just gunned eachother down at the end. Nunnally will, in turn, be revealed as NN, the third witch in the family that includes CC and VV. She’ll use her geass or her code or whatever it’s called to warp reality and put Kallen back at Ashford Academy with Shirley and the others like nothing ever happened. Season 2 will finally be the full-out high school comedy that we’ve been teased for so long. All the mechs will be parked in favor of storylines focusing entirely on relationships, volley ball games and studying for big exams.

There. I can walk away with a peaceful mind, now. Stay tuned for the next show!

Watch this episode "Zero" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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But but but but YOU CANT JUST STOP HERE! WE NEED to hear your impressions on the real, 100% completion ending!   
Seriously though, you need to come back to Geass in the near future. It does continue to be ridiculous, but if you do finish it, you'll be glad you did. 
Also, its not NN, but LL :P
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Well things aren't over yet as season 2 is where things are coming to a end.
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It's not really meant to be ridiculous, it's just that they inject some Shonen into it. Overall it's Seinen, but stuff like Suzaku's abilities and Euphie's declaration? Yeah that's shonen. So i think if you don't really watch/read enough shonen, you have a much more difficult time accepting the stuff that happens here.
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I don't see what makes this so overly ridiculous when compared to events in standard comics. Prime examples being the Joe Quesada wiping away decades of Spider-man history all because he didn't want Peter to be married, Batman's non death but traveling through time, Jean Grey's constant death and revival, and Wolverine being on five different teams, all while having his solo story.  If you can tolerate these moments, how does Code Geass cross a line?
 You'd miss the story behind this moment.
 You'd miss the story behind this moment.
There are a lot of great moments waiting on the other end of this season. Kallen doesn't go back to school since she's been IDed as a rebel. She spends the second season coming to grips with Lelouch being Zero. She slowly starts to learn more and more about who the real Lelouch is then gets one of the most powerful mechs you will see. It all ends in one of the best kisses of the series. The outcome of which is just heartbreakingly tragic.

 Villetta, the ultimate tsundere
 Villetta, the ultimate tsundere
Season two also has the truth behind the death of Marianne and the true reason Britannia is at war across the world. The final episode is a mixture of both infuriating and joy.
I actually did an entire 4koma  series based on the events of the second season. I made a new one each week that was based off he episode's events. It was a writing and art exercise. I wanted to test my improv skills and by art skills to see if I could produce these before the next episode was released. These are two examples:

Code Geass R2 - 4koma by Kris Remmell
Code Geass R2 - 4koma by Kris Remmell
Code Geass R2 - Episode 4
Code Geass R2 - Episode 4
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@FoxxFireArt: Don't forget how Hal Jordan's stint as Parralax was retconned into Hal being possessed by a giant yellow insect made of sentient fear that drove him insane. Not only was explanation ten times more ridiculous than anything scene in Code Geass, but Green Lantern: Rebirth was AWESOME.
Oh and you really shouldn't' have included those pictures at the top. Not the comics, those are hilarious.
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Dude, watch the rest. Not necessarily for Watch & Learn, but for yourself.
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@FoxxFireArt: Comics are just as ridiculous if not more ridiculous than anime and manga, which is why I don't read them.
Animated superhero/comic shows, however, are more grounded and enjoyable. Compared to anime, comic cartoons are really good (at least since I've been watching - 1995 and beyond).
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If he's not going to bother with the second season. I see no reason to hold back on the spoilers.
I get they are both ridiculous. I'm just confused about what is it about this series that is somehow so beyond anything you see in comics to not want to continue.
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Some people are just able to tolerate superhero ridiculousness more than they are teenage anime character drama.
I personally did not continue to season 2 because I felt offended that Geass' plot got increasingly melodramatic and then had the nerve to end on such a cliffhanger. I also lost interest in some of the characters so motivation was not there either. I really didn't like or understand CC's purpose in the story. Instead of watching I just read a summary of season 2.
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seriously though, i agree with the people above, you need to watch R2 to fully grip the entire show, even if you dont do a Watch and Learn, just watch it for yourself...and learn, it's kinda like stopping watching Death Note after Light kills L, there's still so much more!!
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It makes more sense to not continue with the series if you just don't like the direction a series is going.  It's just the idea that you don't continue because the themes are so far beyond normal.
I can accept a lot of weirdness in both comics and anime. Though, I refuse to accept what Quesada did to Spider-man. It's why I started boycotting the comic after OMD/BND/OMIT as long as his name is attached to it. Though, it becomes difficult when Humberto Ramos draws for it.
Post by zaldar (1,363 posts) See mini bio Level 15 are watching the wrong anime if american cartoons are good in comparison at all..
Foxfirre and ninjia: yes american comics are at times very very very crazy, which is also why I don't read them.  Anime becoming more like western comic books is NOT a good thing.  That said this is most definilty intentionally over the top and ridiculous, the same way, for example, the rocky horror picture show is intentionally over the top and hilarious.  I mean it was like in every episode they were trying to outdo themselves...and they usually did.  As I think i said before, at the end of every episode my reaction was, this can't get any more ridiculous..until I watched the next episode.
For Tom you have got to watch season 2 you haven't even gotten to see the
and I don't think we have seen the maid that can do ridiculous kung fu yet either...I love her.
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key phrases for Season 2
boobs, "hadron cannons", nukes, the chinese army, shneizel
There's season two! How did you like it?
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I think everyone's enthusiasm about R2 is all well and good, but I don't think there's a way to watch the second season of Code Geass legally online.  This is the same reason I'm not suggesting shows like Kino's Journey, Ergo Proxy, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, or Red Garden for him to watch: there's no way to watch them online without having to sift through some sketchy-looking website for the show you want.  I wouldn't want anyone to go to these sites anyway; besides, the videos there are usually low quality, and the sub tends to be incorrect most of the time.
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@lifestrike said:


It's Schneizel, by the way ;)  
Also, by far the best moment in R2:
Also, this one is for you:   
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I have to agree with so many users above me. R2 blows the first season out of the water. The action picks up, the drama gets thicker, and the story begins to make sense. The school goes bye-bye and so does most of the fanservice.
I understand that there is no "legal" way to do R2 for W&L so I guess, Tom, you should watch it on your own and tell us what you think. There are a number of sites where I've found good quality video with the series in dub. It's too bad Bandai doesn't have the 2nd season on its YouTube Channel or Crunchyroll-let alone how it probably won't be until next year that we finally get a complete boxset!
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@sotyfan16 said:
R2 blows the first season out of the water. The action picks up, the drama gets thicker, and the story begins to make sense. The school goes bye-bye and so does most of the fanservice
Not sure if trolling.jpg
Anyway, R2 is even more ridiculous, but about the time [character redacted] was launching the equivalent of tactical nukes, I just gave up and enjoyed the melodramatic, super-robot, European nobility-flavored ride.  I'd recommend watching it, not least because the last episode ended up being surprisingly emotionally affecting.
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the way this standoff ends is stupid, but seriously watch the rest of it at some point
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I never thought it to be that much out there compared to other anime, t.v. shows, comics, etc. 
I just go with the ride and never felt it was super ridiculous... Ofcorse I have seen far greater shows of disbelief...
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