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Is there a witch for every letter of the alphabet?
Is there a witch for every letter of the alphabet?

Just a mess of emotions, right now. It’s a tragic twist for such a sweet, well-intentioned young lady like Euphemia to suffer such a cruel fate as this, but the execution’s so absurdly over-the-top that I can’t help but laugh. CODE GEASS is playing like one of the most involved and deadpan parodies I’ve ever encountered. The fact that it’s so blithely disregarding its own rules just doubles all of that. Weren’t those pesky Brittanian doctors able to patch Mao up after he got gunned down a few weeks ago like the shots were as harmful some rug burbs? Now, Euphie gets shot once with Lulu’s little pea shooter and she can’t be saved. That’s not tragedy, that’s inconsistency.

So many ridiculous little scenes. Euphemia suddenly knowing how to pilot a mecha... Zero’s ever-escalating flair for dramatic handling of his cape... That whole conversation between Lelouch and Nunnally on the phone..this train has gone off the rails in such glorious fashion.

Somebody brought up how weird Euphemia’s dealing with that one classmate with the pigtails was. Her name escapes me, but I was going to comment how randomly… Sapphic their dealings were in the past couple episodes, but I ran out of space befored. Her panged shrieking about Euphie’s death reminded me about it, though. It’s such an understated thing that I wonder how often the creators of these shows consciously bait erotic fan artists. In respect to other weird relationships, CC's more-than-friendly caressing of Lelouch and her insistence on the demands of their contracts dredged up how fetishistic their dealings so often feel. For the show that got away with showing some unobscured boobies only a few episodes ago, I’d assume they’d also be able to more fully explore mature subject matter like this, but my experience has been showing that EVA had some rare license to get away with stuff like that on TV.

And now, CC’s got a little sister, VV? How cute. Do they have matching wardrobes, too? I suppose we’ll be finding about the rest of those CHILDREN OF THE CORN-looking little’uns with the geass brands on their foreheads. Hopefully they’ll wrap that up before the end of this season, because I honestly don’t know if I can handle another season of this insanity.

Watch this episode "At Least With Sorrow" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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VV's male.  And underplayed?  You miss the masturbation scene?

And nothing wraps up until season 2.
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yeah you should watch season 2.  It is insane and ridiculous and over the top but once you get ok with that (as I admit it took me a second viewing to do) the ride is worth it.  Treat it like a dream...does all of it make sense..will no, but man what pretty pictures ;)
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The girl you're talking about is Nina.  Yes, she's crazy, but wait until you see what she creates in her grief.  I'll just say that she lives up to her family's name.
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Most memorable moments of this episode (for me):
Best. Zero. Pose. Ever.
Nina's freaked-out face

Anyway, about Euphy: I thought it over, and I came to the conclusion that she was able to fight off the Geass for a while because Lelouch had little to no intention of actually casting the Geass on her in the first place, thus making it weaker than usual.  
Also about her death: I assume she merely wanted to die after realizing what she did.  Much like how that one Honorary Brittannian realized that Lelouch did something to get her mech and how Jeremiah realized he was fooled into helping Zero rescue Suzaku when he awaiting execution, Euphemia must have realized that she was murdering the same people she was trying to help without much control of her actions.  She was also under control of the Geass longer than either of the Honorary Britannians as well as Suzaku, so that may have something to do with it.  
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lol this is so funny
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haha V.V i a dude!
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Zero’s ever-escalating flair for dramatic handling of his cape.

I LOL'd at that, good one Tom.

It really sad that this series went off the rails like that. As I probly mentioned before, I don't even remember much of what happened during the last episodes. Not because I didn't pay attention, but because it was so not likable for me.

And then they had the nerve to try and make me watch another season just to see things get resolved? HA!

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VV is someone else' sibling anyways. =P
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Oh will have to watch R2 if you want resolution. Because all you are going to get in the next couple eps is cliffhanger after cliffhanger. R2 is a lot more complicated and interesting so you might as well keep going if it's available to watch.

I hate Nina with passion. She's a naive and racist little bitch.
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we warned you, seriously though the dialogue in the geass scene was way to forced
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Now, Euphie gets shot once with Lulu’s little pea shooter and she can’t be saved. That’s not tragedy, that’s inconsistency.

Well, they wasn't at a hospital. They didn't have the right equipment with them, Mao was taken to a hospital right away (also remember the cops wasn't order to kill Mao)
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Yeah, the idea that Mao could live through a rainstorm of bullets but they can't take care of Eupphy's one shot is so silly. I understand what the Mao arc was about. It showed Lelouch the cost of overuse of the Geass. They just didn't need to have him survive that.

Tom, V.V. is a boy. It's easier to tell in the Japanese version, because when he talks about himself he uses the term "boku" for "I". That's almost exclusively used by boys. Girls and men use "watashi". Mostly only girls use "atashi", and the elderly use "washi".
A rare exception would be Yoruichi Shihoin. She just talks like an older man.

Weird sort of fetishist designs are just a standard when it comes to CLAMP designs.
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Lol Geass. Its kinda bad but I love it.
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