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The real question: will EVERY character on here get naked eventually?
The real question: will EVERY character on here get naked eventually?


Are they even allowed on Japanese TV?

You know, I griped about the big jumps the plot took before and, even though you lunatics warned me that greater leaps awaited, I didn’t imagine they get this big. Somehow, we went from a cliffhanger where everybody was about to get carpet bombed to the stone age to an opener where everybody’s waking up, unscathed, on naked fantasy island. The flashback so crucial to this episode’s cliffhanger shows that Lelouch used (wasted?) the geass on Suzaku to command him to save his own skin, but that doesn’t explain how everybody else evaded fiery annihilation.

Even though I felt like I stumbled into an episode of LOST, I still enjoyed the premise of this episode a lot. It’s fun to turn business as usual upside down and team the kids up for immunity challenges... I mean... pair the characters together to interact in different ways. I don’t quite remember Euphemia ever being shown to suspect Zero of really being Lelouch but, let’s be real, he doesn’t do that great a job of disguising his voice. There are a lot of people who should have made the connection already. Suzaku and Kallen’s time together is alternately tragic, touching and utterly ridiculous, however. I suppose it says something about the cruel arbitrariness of war that these kids can be fond friends or hated enemies depending on the day and circumstances. However, it also makes make it that much harder to buy how they could all be going to school together and then fighting after classes without any of them even suspecting their true relationships.

I also thought it was amusing that the island they randomly woke up on just happened to have a new class of mech waiting for somebody to pilot it. It's kind of like finding a power capsule just waiting around for you in MEGA MAN X. Maybe there’s some greater explanation, but it seemed awfully convenient… even more awfully convenient than Kallen being the only one who had to get naked.

Watch this episode "Island of the Gods" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Kallen kinda stops showering after this.
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yup and here was where I stopped the first time.  This episode was incredibly ridiculous...I mean really.....they wake up with amnesia on an island (great thats original...) and they just HAPPEN to find a mech...yeah....

The way he used the geas on this guy will come back to be interesting. 
And though I enjoyed this episode it was to crazy for me to continue the first time around.  It actually gets crazier from here but the second time I watched it I just went with it.

But watch the other episodes of C and Steins Gate.  Those are better than this...
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The series does make some astounding technological leaps after (during?) this episode...

It's one of the more cheesy aspects of this show. It feels a lot like Age of Empires, where you can just press a button and blam! Everything gets shinier and more amazing.

Hah, it seems game metaphors are the rule of the day!
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Code Geass breast ranking
Code Geass breast ranking

The original run of Code Geass was on at alter time slot. They were able to get away with more. The second season was on earlier and had no nudity.

Actually, the Geass command to Live is most powerful on a person such as Suzaku. How they all survived was in that conversation C.C. was having with what seemed like herself. She was talking with the person who sent them there. There was nothing random about it. This is a series where you have to wait to get your answers.

Kallen actually ranks 3rd in the largest breasts scale for the first season of Code Geass. 1st is Milly and the 2nd is Lelouch's mother, Marianne.

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Yeah every thing is explained.  However, it seems a lot of it is:, "Wouldn't it be absurd if..?"  "Yeah that would be awesome!  Do it, we'll explain it somehow."
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Euphie realizing it was Lelouch goes back to the hotel jacking, when he remarked that she hasn't changed. Some episodes after that showed people talking about Zero in front of her and she usually looks deep in thought when they do, especially when Darlton mentioned that he believed Zero was someone with a grudge against the Imperial Family.

Do not forget about the geass Lelouch gave Suzaku.

and finally, they were sent there by someone specific, you can actually see a brief second of him at the end of the last episode.

Also, you know that scene with Schneizal, Lloyd and Bartley in those ruins, where Bartley mentioned that he believes the real reason Britannia is invading other countries is to gain those ruins? Don't forget about that either. It comes back.
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oh for all this episode surprised

prepare for the ultimate plot twist just around the corner

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I forgot about this episode, but hearing someone talk about it reminds me of how ridiculous the last 3rd of Geass got. I really did not like where the series headed after this. Still kind of entertaining, but certainly disappointing.
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the ammount of fan service in this episode made me happy :3
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This reminded me so much of Gundam Seed episode "War for Two" where Athrun and Cagalli end up on an island after a fight - almost an exact copy.

Seems like this "enemies meet up in different circumstances and get to know each other" plot device is used quite often - though I couldn't think of any other examples off hand.
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I think this is the first episode where I got adjusted to the insanity of this show.  Convenient Knightmare placement?  The fat guy's alive?  Euphy and Lulu are bro and sis?  China's fighting with Zero?  Zero's cape doubles as a blanket?  "Dumbass"?!

With all that nonsense going on, the blatant fan service wasn't that bad.

Also, love the ironic Geass 'emo-boy' Suzaku has to deal with now.
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I <3 fanservice-especially of Kallen. This episode was more informative to me. More characters got on the same page, which creates better understanding...sort of.
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@dunchad said:
This reminded me so much of Gundam Seed episode "War for Two" where Athrun and Cagalli end up on an island after a fight - almost an exact copy.Seems like this "enemies meet up in different circumstances and get to know each other" plot device is used quite often - though I couldn't think of any other examples off hand.
I felt the same way, and you're right that these are far from the only two mech shows to use the idea. In fact, it seems to be a trope of Gundam, being used in a number of different series (though typically in slightly different circumstances). 
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