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The man's got passion. You've got to give that to him.
The man's got passion. You've got to give that to him.

People have described Suzaku as gallant-but-dense young who doesn’t always look before he leaps. I wasn’t expecting that description to be fulfilled so literally in this episode. He’s even thinking, “This probably isn’t a good idea but, hey, I’m already moving,” while mid-jump! Somehow, these shenanigans seem to keep coming up whenever you put a teenager into the pilot’s seat of highly-destructive weapons...

While we’re on the subject of teens not being the most appropriate or apt players for political intrigue and espionage, it’s clear that the rope’s tightening around Lelouch’s little costume party. He’s been in some kind of fragile bubble of circumstances where he can wage war with his classmates without their knowledge and then just come back to class with them the next day like nothing ever happened. Something’s going to have to give and CC’s right on the money in saying that his hesitancy about using the geass on Suzaku is going to eventually get him killed. It’s not like they’re going to just keeping wrestling with eachother after school indefinitely without any consequences ever coming up.

Diethard’s confession of his reasons for defection was a stand-out scene. From Ryuk to CC, there perhaps isn’t a more realistic reason for anybody to do anything than the simple, basic curiosity to see what’s going to happen. That’s why we spend all these hours watching these shows, isn’t it? Of course, Diethard also explains himself in such a breathless, melodramatic fashion that I couldn't help bu smile, realizing again that this is surely the most soap operatic show I’ve watched and learned from so far.

One last thing…

I was confused at first: thinking that Prince Schneizel was actually a mysteriously-returned Clovis. Anybody else have the suspicion that he’ll be back somehow eventually? It was a little fishy how he went from being showcased in the intro to being out of the picture all together.

Watch this episode "I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I had the feeling that Lelouch not using the Geass on Suzaku was a matter of timeliness rather than usefulness.

Suzaku was clearly Lelouch's most persistent opponent and if he used the Geass on him haphazardly he wouldn't be able to use it again.
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Schneizal. I hate that son of a bitch. Yeah, he'll be back, he'll definitely be back. And you'll know it to. Say what you will about that blonde bastard, but the man knows how to make an entrance.

Yeah, i love Deithard. The only reason he follows Zero is because he's just so damn epic. Which i can totally relate to.

Though i need to point out that CC isn't doing all this to see what happens, she most definitely has a motive, it's just gonna be awhile before you find out what it is.

Next episode is one of my favorites.
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the episodes when you find out why she is doing it are some of the strangest.  I do love diethard as well and yea...clovis is coming back...
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Lovin' Lloyd's aristocratic threads.  Much like everyone else, I loved Deithard's confession for his reasons for hanging out with Zero.  The drama of it all!

Also, @ninjadude853: Next episode's a favorite of mine, too, but it is for different reasons than your's, I'm sure...
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That would be a safe bet to assume Schneizel will appear again at some point.

Lelouch really wants to avoid using the Geass on his friends. I think he sees it as a violation. It was said in one of the picture dramas. Lelouch doesn't involve the people he cares about in his plans. He used it on Kallen, but he never really knew who she was before then. I think his affinity for her grew tremendously after he saw her mother and realized what she did for Kallen when she was little.

Nunnally and mothers are kind of a hole in his emotional armor.
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