Xmas Check-In: FUNi's Nabari no Ou, 2 New Anime, More Geass?

Topic started by gia on Dec. 25, 2008. Last post by Zeouterlimits 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Code Geass
Code Geass
To those of you who celebrate it: Merry Christmas! To you who don't, Happy Holidays! And if you didn't get a holiday, well...sorry!

Anyway, I've pulled myself away from my incredibly cute 18-month-old niece (who, by the way, is already trying to use chopsticks, and failing adorably) just long enough to give you some of the latest news:

  • FUNimation's latest New Show A-Go-Go is Nabari no Ou, which is an awesomely fun show about a kid who has a mystic ninja secret buried within himself...and no, it's not remotely like Naruto, really. Here's part of their blurb: "Forced to join the school’s Nindo Club for his own safety, Miharu is introduced to covert members of the hidden ninja world Nabari. If the boy is to survive, he must rely on Kumohira, the club’s advisor, who vows to discover a method for removing the clandestine powers that could one day make Miharu the Ruler of Nabari."
  • The 4koma comic strip Yurumeitsu is going to be animated, according to Moon Phase, who also report on an anime adaptation of the manga Sora no Otoshimono. The former revolves around the members of a manga club, and the latter is a fanservice fantasy about a boy who struggles for normalcy and instead finds himself living with an angel...literally.
  • Finally, ANN has caught a tidbit in Animedia's New Years special that makes it sound like there's more Code Geass to be made. I can see a few possibilities for how they might do this...they might animate one of the alternate-version manga, Nightmare of Nunnally or Suzaku of the Counter-Attack (both licensed by Bandai Entertainment). On the other hand, they might pull a Gundam and set it in another time period but in the same universe...and on that front, it could even be a prequel, revolving around the lives of Lelouch's parents Charles and Marianne.
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7 new geass tv series plz
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Geass is going to be the new DBZ.
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MOAR GEASS!!! What would be awesome is that Lelouch turns out to be immortal like C.C. and the new show takes place waaaay into the future where Lelouch must fight again and stuff.

More table sex too plz.
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I would love an animated version of Nightmare of Nunnally. I've read some of the manga and it's a fun read.
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On one hand, I like Code Geass and would probably see it if they made another series. On the other hand, if they go through with a sequel, it's also possible that Code Geass will become afflicted with "DBZ Syndrome" (see my latest blog post) and end up making me hate the series forever. We'll just have to see if this rumor comes to fruition.
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wow i just finished code geas R2 moments ago, id love to see more, leaving it on that last line!
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Nunally joke - harsh but funny.
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