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Alas, fair prince Clovis. Wilted like a rose in autumn time.    
Alas, fair prince Clovis. Wilted like a rose in autumn time.    

This strikes me as dub where the English voice acting’s good, even in spite of a flatly- translated script. Some lines are awkwardly phrased, yet the actors make them sound natural, so I suppose that’s them doing the job they’re paid for.

I’m sorry to strum the same chord again, but the comparisons between Lelouch and Light are still piling up, especially now that this show’s introduced the whole voice-over/audible thought balloon storytelling device. When he realizes that his power only allows him to command a victim once, I was half-expecting Ryuk to fly down and crack open the rules section of the death note. Considering how involved and legalistic those guidelines got, I wouldn't even be surprise if this kid discovered that his power also doesn’t work on Wednesdays (or some such.) He’s even got the whole prep/terrorist duality going on, with the constant threat of one double life intruding on the other.

Speaking of the secret identity, I’m a little puzzled over how Lelouch is so ruthless in the field, yet a bit of chump at school. For crying out loud, he guns down Clovis! His childhood friend! You’d think a guy who can just shake that off like he were putting out the recycling bin would be less likely to suffer guff from the new girl. And speaking of Kallen, why is she so antagonistic to the is guy on the suspicion of him being “the voice” from the battle? Didn’t his intervention SAVE her rebels from catastrophe? She might have the “hot blood” but you think she’d at least be eager to work with this guy, even if she isn’t especially grateful.

When the questions start flying like this, you know a show’s captured my imagination. I’m intrigued to see where this ballet of high school angst and political intrigue spins itself into.

Watch this episode "The False Classmate" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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For one point, Clovis isn't just a childhood friend. He's his half brother. They have the same father but different mothers. Also, I liked the touch of when Lelouch is remembering killing Clovis. The thought caused him to actually throw up. That shows a sense of guilt and morality that Light never had. Lelouch has to be in the room, Light killed everyone from afar.

Kallen's anxious about Lelouch because he's a Britannian who could know she's a rebel. The way Lelouch hates nobles. Kallen hates Britannians for a variety of reasons. The genocide and open discrimination being one. The other is because her brother was killed by the Britannian forces. She can't trust him with that secret. Being caught would mean being executed without much of a trail.
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For the record, "fanon" has it that Kallen is Domon Kasshu's daughter. Make of that what you will.
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I love how in most anime the conflict is lead by teenagers or young adults. I know its supposed to help the target audience identify with characters more, but seriously, kids seem to always be the ones to save the world.

 I was half-expecting Ryuk to fly down and crack open the rules section of the death note.

I kinda wish that would have happened now. It would have made C2 an actually useful character.
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For some reason, your recap of this episode made me want to go watch the final episode again. Speaking of which, you need to do everything in your power to avoid spoilers for this show, because while it isn't hopeless without all the nifty surprises, your opinion of Geass will hinge on how much of the show is totally new to you. 
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The primary differences between Light and Lelouch are their respective backgrounds, motivations and morality. Light was just some random kid, he had no tragic past that caused him to hate criminals or want revenge, he was just a fairly ordinary guy (apart from the whole genius thing) who thought he could change the world. Lelouch on the other hand does have a tragic past, his mother was murdered right in front of him, and later got screwed over by his dad and sent to a Japan with his sister as a political hostage. So unlike Light, Lelouch has personal (some might say selfish) reasons to motivate him other than "I know what's best"

As far as morality goes, well, i can't say too much for fear of spoiling anything, but remember how Light never felt any personal responsibility or guilt for the things he did? Lelouch is NOT like that. He's ruthless when facing his enemies (like Clovis), but he isn't heartless.
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Yes, as many of these users have said, you will soon see a number of differences between Lelouch and Light.

Kallen has a few secrets of her own so her questioning of Lelouch will make sense soon. Here is the link for the geass Irish folklore. I don't want to ruin anything for you but like Transformers, there is more to the power of Geass than meets the eye (pun intended). Also, here is a link to my My Anime Poems blog which includes one about the Irish folklore of geis.
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@sotyfan16: Geass has an actual background in real world mythology?!? I thought they just made it up.
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I thought the same thing until I was making a poem for English class. Go ahead and check out the Wikipedia link to learn about geis. Take a look at my poem in the link as well if you want to see my take on the old Irish lore.
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Ok, A LOT, ALOT of people compare Light and Lelouch, heck i do it alot myself, but although they are alot alike (two teenagers whose name begin with L who are given mystical powers by immortal creatures and use those powers to change the world into their image) they are quite different motive wise, Light, for the most part is in it only for himself, he develops a god complex and wants to rule the world, Lelouch, basically is just trying to overthrow the oppressive rule of the Britainians and have a safer world for his sister, now although i like Lelouch, i like light ALOT better.  some may say he's not as a complex character as Lelouch, but really Lelouch is quite ordinary, he's the typical anti hero who does apparently heartless things for the greater good (ends justify the means) you see this character everywhere, pretty much any vigilantee/freedom fighter such as "V" from "V for Vendetta") i mean if you even take a shonen character like Ichigo, and put him in Lelouch's shoes (with the same voice) he'd probably do the same thing. however Light is a new breed, he is technically the villain of the story, but we see everything from his point of view, making him the protaganist as well, we see how thing impact him, hear his thoughts and even though he's mad, we can't help but route for him, also the psychosis of Light is interesting he's not just "im going to do the right thing' guy but he does what he THINKS is right and also furthers his own plans, i just think he's more interesting than Lelouch
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