Code Geass: Knightmare of Nunnally Characters

Code Geass: Knightmare of Nunnally is an manga series in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion franchise
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Known as Alice the speed, she is Nunnally's knight and some speculate lover.


A green-haired "witch" able to instill immense powers in others; her true name is never known.

Charles di Britannia

Charles di Britannia is the 98th emperor of Britannia. He believes that only the strong shall survive. He holds the Geass that rewrites the memories of others. With his twin brother, V.V.; they sought to bring about Ragnarok Connection.

Clovis la Britannia

Clovis la Britannia was one of Charles di Britannia's children, and viceroy to Area 11. He was running secret experiments on C.C. Murdered by his half brother, Lelouch.

Cornelia Li Britannia

Cornelia Li Britannia is the Second Princess of the Holy Britannia Empire. She's a ruthless and skilled commander who left to destroy the Geass for the death of her sister Euphemia.

Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia li Britannia is the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. A gentle woman who wanted to end war. She selected Suzaku Kururugi as her personal knight.

Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kozuki is Britannian-Japanese mix-blood, but she identifies more with her Japanese half. The ace pilot of the Guren for the Black Knights.

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is a cast-away prince of the Britannian Empire. Once given the power of Geass, he created the persona of Zero and led his army, the Black Knight, to destroy Britannia, create a peaceful world for his sister, Nunnally; and discover the truth of his mother's murder.


Mao is a Geass user who held a contract with C.C. before Lelouch, he has the power to read others minds but can't control it. A power that went out of control and drove him insane.

Marianne Vi Britannia

Marianne Vi Britannia is the 5th wife of Britannian Emperor, Charles Vi Britannia; and mother to Lelouch and Nunnally. The events of her assassination were shrouded in mystery.

Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally Lamperouge is the direct younger sister to Lelouch. She lost use of her legs in the attack that murder of her mother. The trauma of witnessing assassination also robbed her of her eyesight.

Schneizel el Britannia

Schneizel el Britannia is the second prince of Britannia Empire and the only man to ever defeat Lelouch in chess in the past.

Suzaku Kururugi

A teenage mech pilot, formerly Japanese and now an Honorary Britannian.


Charismatic leader of the Black Knights whose identity remains a mystery even as his group rises to power and fame throughout the world.

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