Code ETD

Code ETD is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 06/25/2011
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After regaining their wings, Happy and Charle save Lucy from certain death and try to make an escape but are caught up by Erza Knightwalker who reveals that Natsu's and Wendy's magic is being extracted to execute Code ETD: Exceed Total Destruction. But right before striking them, two unexpected members of Fairy Tail show up to save the day.

Plot Summary

Faust commences a meeting with his advisers and generals
Faust commences a meeting with his advisers and generals

In the palace, the Royal Army's generals (with the exception of Erza Knightwalker), King Faust and his adviser, Byro (along with Coco) engage in a meeting to discuss about Earthland mages in which they confirm that these mages hold magic within their bodies like the Exceed, Lucy being one example. Hughes comments that it's a waste to kill her if she holds magic but Faust cuts in saying it's irrelevant since Queen Shagotte of the Exceeds ordered them to eliminate her. Sugarboy states that there's nothing they can do since they can't oppose the Exceeds with Byro adding that they still don't have the technology to extract magic from human beings. Pantherlily then asks about the Dragon Slayers, Natsu and Wendy, with Byro replying that they are an exception since they are human yet they are not. He continues saying that they have already started an experiment to use their magic and that if it's successful then they would have a near-infinite supply of magic power. Upon hearing this, Faust orders Byro to begin the experiment immediately and to speed up the extraction from the Earthland lacrima. When the meeting was over, Hughes begins to get excited with the possible prospect of Edolas getting their magic power back, asking Sugarboy what would be the first thing he would do if it would happen, to which Sugarboy answers magic surfing. Meanwhile, Pantherlily, who hasn't moved from his spot, remains still in his seat prompting King Faust to ask if anything was the matter. Patherlily begins to ask about the recent military buildup but decides not to go further into the topic when Faust displayed a forbidding glare.

Hierarchy of Edolas
Hierarchy of Edolas

Meanwhile, Lucy sits in a jail cell talking out loud about the Exceeds and how they are viewed as angels with their queen seen as a god when Erza Knightwalker comes to her cell, commenting on how she is impressed over how much she has learned about Edolas. Surprised to see her, Lucy asks if everyone (Wendy, Natsu, Charle and Happy) are alright to which Erza Knightwalker states that they are safe. Upon hearing this, she sighs in relief, causing Erza to ask how she can be so brave in such a dire situation. Lucy answers that she can't help but feel at ease when she sees her face since the Erza she knows from Earthland is her friend, adding that she's a member of Fairy Tail which shocks Erza Knightwalker. Lucy continues to describe the Erza she knows stating that she's strong, cool, a bit scary but someone a person can depend on, and that she likes sweets, cute clothes and is quite girly. She is then cut off as Erza Knightwalker pulls her out of her cell, dragging her by her hair down the palace corridors and states that she isn't the Erza she knows.

Lucy hangs above the city from Erza Knightwalker's spear
Lucy hangs above the city from Erza Knightwalker's spear

Upon releasing her grip, Lucy begs her to help her save her friends adding that even if she is different, deep down they are the same in that they wouldn't laugh at people's suffering. Not wanting to hear anymore, Erza suspends Lucy over a balcony and informs her that she will die, adding that unfortunately for her, she loves to see people suffer. Lucy tearfully tells her not to say things like that with Erza's voice and face. Erza Knightwalker, albeit slightly surprised to hear this, smirks and bids her farewell as she throws her off the balcony.

Charle proclaims herself as the Exceed princess
Charle proclaims herself as the Exceed princess

As she falls, Charle and Happy fly towards her and save her, receiving a shocked look from Erza Knightwalker who tells them that Queen Shagotte ordered to eliminate her. Charle informs her that the queen's order has been rescinded but Erza counters saying that although she may be an Exceed, an order from the queen cannot be reversed. But Charle exudes her pride as she tells Erza that she should know her place since she is the queen's daughter, shocking both her and Lucy and Happy. Erza Knightwalker immediately bows before her and apologizes. Charle asks her the location of the Dragon Slayers (Wendy and Natsu) and commands that she release them. Erza however tells her that she does not have the authority to do it, but Charle responds that she doesn't care. Just then, Pantherlily appears and tells Erza that Happy and Charle are Fallen Exceeds. Charle and Happy take this as their cue to fly away, while Erza, enraged that she has been fooled, hits the floor with her fist. The Royal Army soldiers are alerted about the escaped prisoner and the fallen, ordered to eliminate them on sight. As Lucy, Happy and Charle fly toward the west tower to save Wendy and Natsu, Happy asks Lucy if she's mad at them for getting her into this mess to which she says she's not. In fact she says, she more shocked that Charle is the princess of the Exceeds, but Charle tells them that it was obviously a bluff. Happy smiles cheerfully at her and she asks what he's making that face for to which Lucy smiles at the realization that Charle had just called him Happy.

The Exceed turned into a giant lacrima
The Exceed turned into a giant lacrima

En route to the west tower, they notice Nichiya and Extalia's Royal guards pursuing them. Charle advises they land but notice the Royal Army guards on the ground as well. Faust approaches a balcony and inquires as to what is going on. When Coco informs him that they are attempting to capture the two fallen and the prisoner, he orders his soldiers to activate plan ETD. Horns are blown and numerous cannon-like cylindrical machines are placed on the palace's balconies which are fired at the Exceed troops, while Lucy, Happy and Charle take this opportunity to fly into the palace. Unsure of what's happening, they use the confusion to run to the west tower, however Erza, aware of their plan, orders the the guards to double their defenses while she goes off after them. As Nichiya tells Faust and the people that the queen won't tolerate their evil deeds, him and the rest of the Exceed soldiers are turned into a giant sized cat-like lacrima which falls to the ground. Faust then faces the crowd from his balcony and declares that there is no god and that there is no justice in allowing the Exceeds to revel in an unlimited supply of magic while they must strive to live on with limited magic. He proclaims that the era of being controlled has ended and that a new one, where a prosperous magic society for the benefit of humanity, has now begun. He calls his soldiers to lend their support for code ETD: Exceed Total Destruction, to which they cheer in response. Coco tells Faust that the queen will come after them, adding that her army is incredibly strong. He replies that that's the reason why they captured the Dragon Slayers, to use their magic to shoot down the gods, and orders the extraction of their magic to begin.

Natsu and Wendy chained
Natsu and Wendy chained

While Wendy and Natsu, who are seemingly unconscious, are seen chained to rocks in an unknown place, Lucy, Happy and Charle run through the palace to find and save them. However, they are stopped by Erza (and the Royal Army soldiers) who knocks them back with lightning from her spear. As she approaches Lucy, ready to strike her again, Happy tackles her, causing her spear's lightning to burst the ground open. As everyone falls, Happy apologizes to Natsu for not being able to save him as he falls unconscious and begins to recall the moments when Natsu refused to give up, even against the most formidable foes. Lucy, who tells Happy to wake up, manages to grab onto him while Charle swoops down to catch them.

Byro extracting Natsu's magic power
Byro extracting Natsu's magic power

Meanwhile, Wendy and Natsu scream in pain as Byro uses a machine to extract their magic power. Natsu tells Wendy not to give up hope to which she concurs, adding that their friends will surely come and save them. Byro merely chuckles at this and continues to extract their power, impressed over the considerable amount they possess. Even in pain, Natsu tries to reassure Wendy and tells her not to give in. When it was Wendy's turn, Natsu yells at Byro, saying that he'll give him all the magic power he needs in Wendy's place.

Erza and Gray are back
Erza and Gray are back

Lucy and Charle hide in a supply room with no plan to retrieve Natsu and Wendy. Happy then wakes up and tells them that they can't give up just like Natsu never gave up. Lucy asks him if he has a plan in mind to which Happy responds by looking up at the large sacks behind them. As Happy flies towards the guards, he yells for them to prepare for his poison mist attack, and releases the contents of the sack. At first they try not to inhale it but soon realize that its just flour. Happy then flies down a corridor with the guards chasing him. Lucy and Charle make their move to save Wendy and Natsu when they are blocked by Erza Knightwalker once again who tells them that she expected them to use a plan of distraction to save their friends. Upon hearing the screams from Wendy and Natsu, Erza explains that they are extracting their magic needed for Code ETD. Some soldiers arrive, tossing Happy to the ground. As Charle cries and begs them to give Wendy back, Happy stands protectively in front of her and tells them that he won't let them lay a finger on her. Erza decides to get of him first but she is stopped when something bursts through one of the walls. Surrounded by an icy mist, two voices are heard saying that they will not forgive those who harm their fellow guild members and that they are know officially enemies of Fairy Tail. To Lucy's, Happy's and Charle's relief, Erza and Gray reveal themselves.

Points of Interest

  • This marks the first time that Charle has called Happy by his name instead of "he-cat" or "male-cat".
  • Somehow, Gray and possibly Erza can use their magic powers.
  • ETD stands for "Exceed Total Destruction."
  • Happy and Lucy ask if Pantherlily is an Exceed.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Happy's flour scene, the second encounter with Erza Knightwalker, and Natsu's pep talk with Wendy did not appear in the manga.
  • In the anime, Erza Knightwalker confronts Happy, Charle, and Lucy two times in the west tower whereas in the manga, it is only one time.
  • Happy's flashbacks of Natsu's determination only appear in the anime.
  • In the anime, Happy was tearfully defending Charle right before Erza Knightwalker was about to strike them, whereas in the manga, Happy wasn't crying.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Fumihiko Shimo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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