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Code : Breaker is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Hidden from public, people known exist as Code: Breaker, secret organization formed by government to kill the criminals but cannot be touched by laws. Sakura Sakurakouji's life turns upside down when she discovers one of Code: Breaker Rei Ogami doing his 'job'


Written and illustrated by Akimine Kamijyo, Code: Breaker is action series that is currently running in Weekly Shonen Magazine run by Kodansha. The manga series began its run in June of 2008 and currently still ongoing (as of August of 2012). Anime version has been announced and will be produced by Kinema Citrus.


When Sakura Sakurakouji comes home from her schools, she witnesses people being burnt alive except one person. Next day the same person at the scene gets transferred to her school, Rei Ogami. When she tries to find the truth behind the scene she discovers that Rei is no ordinary person, he is someone with special power known as Code: Breaker, a hit man who works for secret organization from government to kill those who needs to be punished but cannot be touched by the laws. With strong sense of justice she tries to stop Rei from killing people but she ends up getting involved into dangerous world and also discovering forbidden truth that should have been left unknown.


Sakura Sakurakouji

Main protagonist of the series, on her way home she witnesses people being burned alive by blue flame and a mysterious boy standing besides them unharmed. Next day she finds out that the very same boy, named Rei Ogami was transferred to her school. She stalks him to discover truth behind recent incident, only to get caught by Rei. Rei revealed that he is a hit man for a secret organization to deliver judgement on to criminals that cannot be judged by current law. With her strong sense of justice, Sakura tries everything she can do to stop Rei from killing more people even if they criminal. As she gets more involved with Rei, she uncovers truth that would been better left unknown.

Rei Ogami

A hit man for secret government organization known as Eden, Rei is part of group known as Code: Breaker, people with special power to pass judgement unto criminals. Rei's code name is Code: 06 which means he has the lowest rank among the Code: Breakers. His power is to burn anything his left hand touches with his blue flames. As story progresses, his discovers true potential of his power.

Toki Fujiwara

Code: 04, Toki is Code: Breaker with power of magnetism. Son of Prime Minister, Toki is somewhat spoiled. Even though he is in a elite school, he skips the school just because he feels like it. Toki originally didn't have his power in beginning, his sister gave half of her own power to Toki because he felt left out when his sister got all the attention. This action almost killed her when she didn't have enough power to kill one of her target. Ever since the incident Toki's sister her lost memory and Toki vowed to take revenge.

Yuki Tenpouin

Code: 03, Yuki has power to control sounds around him and use it as either defense or offense. He can also use his special hearing to search specific person or item. With his child-like personality, Yuki wonders off whenever and wherever he pleases, which can be trouble for other Code: Breakers. Despite his nature Yuki is quite smart, smart enough to graduate a university at age of twelve and own a company. His reason for graduating early is because he doesn't like studying.

Masaomi Heike

Code: 01, a bondage pervert who can emit light from his own body and use it as he please. He is normally seen reading a book about bondage, and when he uses his power, he uses his light like a rope and tie his targets. Using his power he can also read computer data, and create clones of himself that requires large computing power from his own brain. His power may be powerful and flexible, he can't really control it all the time, so to suppress his own power he wears special coat that prevents his lights from leaking from his body.

General Information Edit
Name: Code : Breaker
Name: コード: ブレイカー
Romaji: Kōdo:Bureikā
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