Coco is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A small yet very fast barefooted girl who serves as a messenger and is Assistant Chief of Staff in the Kingdom of Edolas.


Coco is the Assistant Chief of Staff while Byro is the Chief of Staff. Her past is still yet to be revealed.


Coco, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Rave Master volume 21 and episode 80. Her Japanese voice actress is Rie Murakawa.



Coco tells Pantherlily that happiness matters over unlimited magic
Coco tells Pantherlily that happiness matters over unlimited magic

Coco is sweet girl who has a kind heart and does not want to hurt others. This is a stark contrast to her Earthland counterpart in the Starry Skies Arc where this Coco enjoys hurting people.


Coco's facial appearances can resemble how a puppy looks like since her hat has puppy ears. She has a ponytail tied by a large blue orb. She wears a short yellow dress with a blue spotted collar. To top it off, she has blue pants with no shoes. She loves running bare feet.

Story Arcs

Faust and Coco looks outside
Faust and Coco looks outside

Coco first appears to give Faust the report about the Lacrima. She states that it will take four days to extract the lacrima, but Faust tells her that it is not enough. Faust's words confuse her which prompt her to run in a full circle before replying that the lacrima will last ten years. Later, Coco, Byro, Faust, and the generals (except Erza) are in a meeting where they confirm Earthland mages have magic stored in their bodies similar to the Exceeds. Despite Hughes' upset of the queen's order of killing Lucy, the meeting is dismissed after Faust tells Byro to continue his experiment of extracting the Dragon Slayers' magic. Coco and Hughes enjoy the idea of unlimited magic. When Happy, Lucy, and Charle are pursued by the Exceeds, Coco reports to Faust, and she watches Faust announces his soldiers to carry out code ETD.

Coco got shocked
Coco got shocked

After Byro presents the Dragon Key to Faust for the cannon, Coco runs in to warn them that Panther Lily is on the lacrima island. Despite her worries for her ally, Faust tells her that he is a sacrifice and an Exceed. Stunned by Faust's words, Coco steals the key from Faust. Before she could leave, her feet and legs get shocked violently from Faust's staff. Coco manages to flee away with Byro chasing after her. In the amusement park, Coco bumps into Lucy. she trips and think about giving the key. Yet, she hesitates due to Lucy is the enemy. When Byro asks Coco for the key, Lucy mistakes that Byro asks her which makes Lucy defend Coco and her gate keys.

Coco: Your boobs are big
Coco: Your boobs are big

During Lucy's fight with Byro, Coco learn that Lucy is a princess (a misunderstanding) when Virgo calls Lucy a princess. After Lucy and Natsu defeat Byro, she is about to hand the key to Natsu. Yet, Sugar Boy steals the key with Gray in pursuit. At the same time, Natsu reaches Gray, who defeated Sugar Boy, Coco struggles to pull Lucy who is stuck under Byro. During the Dragon Chain Cannon's activation, Coco and Lucy run through the castle as they watch the red lights shooting through the skies. After Erza and the others fail to change the Dragon Chain Cannon's trajectory, Coco and Lucy bust in with her Legion (flying beast) to rescue the trio. Upon reaching the lacrima island, Coco assists Natsu's group to push back the island. When she was questioned by Pantherlily, Coco replies that she is doing it for everyone's happiness not unlimited magic. During the struggle, the Exceeds appear and join in. Suddenly, the island glows and disintegrates with Mystogan explaining that he has return the Earthland mages to their world. Coco and the others are happy to see Mystogan, the prince, returning home.

Anime and Manga Differences

During the scene where Faust gives his speech about the lacrima in the town square, Coco appears in the manga whereas in the anime, she does not appear.

See manga volume 21 and episode 82.

When Coco's earthland counterpart shows up, she is different in how she is no longer nice, hates cats, and enjoys hurting others.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rie Murakawa
General Information Edit
Name: Coco
Name: ココ
Romanji: Koko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #21
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #80
1st anime movie:
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