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Cobra is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 4 anime series, 9 manga series
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Armaroid Lady

Cobra's long-time partner.


A young woman who lives in the underground of the planet Galon. She is rescued by an amnesiac Cobra when she is attacked by street thugs looking to collect money she owes Mr. Bogard.

Catherine Royal

The sister of Jane Royal. She is imprisoned by Crystal Boy.


Crystal Boy

A humanoid cyborg with a golden skeleton and a body made out of an indestructible glass. He works for the Pirate guild and is the archenemy of Cobra.

Dog Savalas

Cobra's friend and ally. Dog is a member of the Mirage race able to change his appearance at will.

Dominique Royal

The third of the sisters to meet Cobra Dominique is an officer in the Milky Way Patrol.


Eris is King's partner having saved him when she found him wandering around with amnesia.

Gypsy Doc

The Pirate Guild boss who targets Utopia More.


A member of the 13 spades hired to reclaim Shiva from the Chaos Army.

Jane Royal

A bounty hunter who enlists the aid of Cobra to rescue her sister. She has a tattoo on her back that is part of a treasure map.


One of the 13 spades chosen to liberate Shiva from the Chaos Army. He was chosen as a guide who knew the entrance to Shiva castle.

Lord Gilos

An immortal monster arranges for the assassination of the king so that he can take control of his kingdom. He meets opposition from Princess Emeralda before she became Armaroid Lady.


A loyal retainer to Lord Gilos and master of the dark sword.


A young woman who was kidnapped by a wealthy merchant as payment for the debt her brother owed him. She helps Cobra infiltrate the Castle of Lord Gilos.


One of the 13 Spades hired to overthrow the occupying Chaos government of Shive.


The mysterious head of the Pirate Guild.


An female antagonist in both the manga "Cobra" and the anime counterpart "Space Adventure Cobra".


Secret is a character from Cobra: The Animation

Seven & Eight

These two were once separate people but now occupy a two headed cybernetic body and argue constantly. They are two of the 13 spades.


The Storyteller of Dreams. She helps Cobra save Armaroid Lady using the Time Dive to go into Lady's past.


A plant alien who controls people by inserting his seeds into their Medulla Oblongata. He is hired by Crystal Boy to kill Cobra.

Utopia More

An archeologist who is targeted by the Pirate Guild when they become interested in her research.

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