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So, the unfortunate problem of doing so much at Anime Expo is simply the fact that I can never do it ALL. This year, I did pretty well, but I did miss the panel for DC's CMX Manga, and they licensed a lot!

But the reason I was able to make that sacrifice is because I knew that Deb from would be there covering it all thoroughly. There were 12 new licenses, a full 8 of which were shoujo/romance titles and 4 more action-y. (Deb also detects a theme-- princesses against arranged marriages!) Here they are:

  • The Battle of Genryu, by Shouko Fukaki, due August 2009 - "Tenjho Tenge lite," we're told.
  • A Tale of an Unknown Country, by Natsuna Kawase, due September 2009 - a princess' brother arranges for her to marry a "bad boy" prince from another kingdom, so she disguises herself as a maid to work at his castle and sabotage the engagement.
  • Oh! My Brother, by Ken Saito, October '09 - a shy girl's charming brother dies and his spirit forces his way into her body, where he comments on her continued life.
  • Deka Kyoshi, by Kamio Baba, November '09 - "Kind of like Kindergarten Cop, but with a supernatural twist." A cop goes undercover as a schoolteacher and meets a student who can see people's stress levels as demons.
  • The Lizard Prince, by Asuka Izumi, November '09 - Another princess tries to evade a marriage because she's fallen for her groom's brother...who turns into a lizard sometimes.
  • The World I Create, by Ayami Kazama, Jan. '10 - A one-shot of vignettes about a school for kids with the ability to create 3D versions of their favored realities.
  • Stolen Hearts, by Miku Sakamoto, Jan. '10 - A rom-com about a tough guy and a klutzy girl who ruins his kimono and has to work at his grandma's kimono shop to make up for it.
  • Rampage, by Yunosuke Yoshinaga, Feb. '10 - An M-rated action piece about a rogue warrior who is magicked into becoming a conduit for a spirit, so that he can fight entire armies--  set in the Three Kingdoms era and very violent, as the name might imply.
  • My Darling Miss Bancho, by Mayu Fujikata, Mar. '10 - A girl moves to a technical school full of battling boys and, through sheer luck, becomes the alpha "dog" at the school.
  • Diamond Girl, by Takanori Yamazaki, Apr. '10 - "A sports manga that's not really a sports manga," a teen girl is a baseball prodigy but doesn't want to play. Her classmates try to get her to save their school team.
  • Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson, by Ichiro Sasaki, May '10 - Based on the popular RPG that has spawned a couple seasons of anime, it'll be interesting to see how this music-based action fantasy will play out in a non-audio format.
  • Nadeshiko Club, by Miku Sakamoto - June '10 - A girl gets dumped because she can't cook or clean, so she enrolls in a home ec class...which is full of boys who all want to be chefs.

Whew! That's a lot of work. CMX's titles tend to be less familiar to American readers, because they don't get the "big name" items (I've always had the sense that they don't get as much support from their deep-pocketed parent company than they could), but in spite of certain setbacks, they're known for bringing out some real gems. Do you think any of these will be that kind of title?
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Well, considering the end of a couple of great romantic comedy shojo series are on the horizon and the demise of Shojo Beat, I think "Stolen Hearts" might have a chance to snag some attention from those looking to fill the void. And, I agree that CMX, despite their budget, have always been able to find and license great shojo gems. I'm interested in seeing "Rampage," too, as it's a different type of title than what we've come to expect from CMX. Regardless, I try my best to support CMX, since they're located in my hometown.
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