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 Clover is not, as you might believe, only about Kazuhiko the black-ops agent and Su the lonesome girl. It's more like a tale about all the Clovers, children born with or made to have special powers, and the circumstances that befall them and the luck that blows their way, whether good or bad. There are four Clovers mentioned in the story as main characters, Sue, Ora, Gingetsu, and Ran, each with their own tragic tale to tell.

Clover began it's serialization in Kodansha's Amie from 1997 until the magazine's demise in 1999. To this date Clover has been considered on Halt and is on CLAMP's list of unfinished manga.


Kodansha (Japan)
Tokyopop (Out of Print) (North America)
Dark Horse (North America)
Pika Edition (France)
Editorial Ivrea (Argentina)
Grupo Editorial Vid (Mexico)
Carlsen Comics (Germany)
Editions Star Comics (Italy)

Publication History

Clover was released in Kodansha's Amie magazine in 1997, and was halted in 1999.The first volume was released on June 6, 1997, and the fourth volume was released on August 9, 1999.
Tokyopop was the first publisher of this series, running the publication from May 15, 2001 to March 20, 2002. However, they let the series go out of print in 2005. Dark Horse then picked up the license, and published the entire series as a single, right-to-left book on May 13, 2009.


The songs that Ora sings in the manga had to be altered and adapted from their original lyrics so as to be easily understood by English-speaking readers.


The black-ops agent tasked with escorting Su to her destination. Although he is young, he's undergone his share of heartbreak and suffering with the death of his girlfriend Ora. He lost his right hand during a battle.
The girl with untold power. She was sold to the Clover program at a young age, and is named after the Chinese word for four. She is the only known four-leaf clover in existence, and as such must stay alone, because if she ever made friends she could choose to forsake the relative safety of her sanctuary for the outside world.
Kazuhiko's deceased girlfriend. She was a singer in a club, and forged a close friendship with Sue in secret. She was also a one-leaf Clover, but only had the power to predict the date of her own death. Ora was assassinated because she was growing too close to Sue.
A friend and former partner of Kazuhiko during his black-ops days. He is a two-leaf Clover, but also houses the three-leaf Clover Ran at his residence. It is evident that he has strong feelings for the boy, even if Ran is much younger than him.
A young boy who lives with Gingetsu, because he is not allowed outside by the government. He is one of only two three-leaf Clovers in the world, the other being his twin brother "A". Ran was formerly known as "C", and was forced to live in a cage with his brother, where he did not age or mature, but chose to escape to the outside world.

Story Arcs

Fairy Park- (Volumes 1 & 2)
The Fairy- (Volume 3)
The Birdcage- (Volume 4)

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 4
Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1
General Information Edit
English Name Clover
Japanese Name: クローバー
Romaji: Kurōbā
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 1997
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