One Piece #47 - Cloudy, Partly Bony

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 09/04/2007

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 47

Cloudy, Partly Bony - くもり時々ホネ (Kumori Tokidoki Hone)

The Straw Hats find themselves caught in the Florian Triangle when the mysterious island "Thriller Bark" suddenly appears. Gecko Moria, one of the Seven Warlords, and his zombie army are also on the island, and they're preparing for a Night Hunt! Can the crew survive this fearsome evening?


Chapter 450. General Zombie Night.....Pg.

将軍ゾンビnight (Jeneraru Zonbi Naito)

Chapter 451. Perona's Wonder Garden.....Pg.

ペローナの不思議の庭 (Perōna no Wandā Gāden)

Chapter 452. Jigorou of the Wind.....Pg.

風のジゴロウ (Kaze no Jigorō)

Chapter 453. Cloudy With a Small Chance of Bone.....Pg.

くもり時々ホネ (Kumori Tokidoki Hone)

Chapter 454. Humming.....Pg.

ハナウタ (Hanauta)

Chapter 455. Royal Shichibukai, Gekko Moriah.....Pg.

王下七武海ゲッコー・モリア (Ōka Shichibukai Gekkō Moria)

Chapter 456. Demon from the Frozen Land.....Pg.

氷の国から来た魔人 (Kōri no Kuni kara Kita Majin)

Chapter 457. Meeeeeaaaaaat!!!.....Pg.

肉~~!!! (Niku~~!!!)

Chapter 458. Not the Afro.....Pg.

アフロだけは (Afuro dake wa)

Chapter 459. Being Dead Isn't an Apology.....Pg.

死んでごめんじゃないでしょうに (Shin de Gomen ja nai Deshō ni)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
RyuumaHumming Ten Feet - Arrow Notch Strike
Nico RobinTwist
Un Fleur - Slam
Cien Fleur - Wings
Seis Fluer - Slap
Roronoa ZoroNitoryu - Hirameki
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Bazooka
Tony-Tony ChopperHeavy Point
Walking Point
FrankyStrong Right
Weapons Left
Fresh Fire
Coup de Vent
Heavy Nunchaku
JigoroOne Sword Style - 36 Pound Cannon
Hands of the Dead
NamiThunder Charge
TaralanSpider Sticky Net
BrookHanauta Sanchou - Arrow Notch Beheading
PeronaNegative Hollow
Gecko MoriaShadow Cut
UsoppSpecial Attack - Six Chamber Pit-Viper Star
OarsGum-Gum Pistol (normal punch)


Points of Interest

  • The side story of God Eneru is continued in the splash pages of this volume. Though he doesn't appear until the splash page of Ch. 459.
  • Lola is trying to get Absalom's fingerprint on a marriage registration. A fingerprint is part of marriage certificates.
  • The secret behind the zombies is exposed in this volume.
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