Cloud Nyne

Cloud Nyne is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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Cloud Nyne is the only female general in The Black Order


Cloud Nine's Origin's are very bleak. It is only known that prior to her becoming an Exorcist, she was a professional animal trainer for a circus.


Cloud Nyne is a supportive protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series D. Gray Man.


Cloud has had little apparent Evolution. She did have to adopt to a new team after her old team were abruptly murdered. But the transition appeared to be smooth.


Cloud Nyne full Profile
Cloud Nyne full Profile

Cloud Nyne is a middle aged woman of tall stature and athletic build. She has long blond hair she wears tied back but also draped over her face. She wears a black skin-tight uniform with gold designs . The top is actually a sleeveless coat that fits closely to the waist then flares out like a trench coat. She also wears golden metalic gauntlets and arm sleeves.


Cloud Nine has a pleasant personality. She acts akin to a mother to her young apprentice Timothy. She openly showed remorse at the loss of her comrades, indicating her close bond and shamelessness in displaying it. She takes her role as an Exorcist General seriously though and can be stern in the line of duty.


  • Cross Marian - An older acquaintance. They are both Exorcist Generals
  • Timothy Hearst - Her newest yet seemingly favorite apprentice and later her teammate.
  • Lenalee Lee - Her new teammate since her former team was killed.

Story Arcs

Edo Arc

Cloud returned to the Black Order Headquarters upon the death of her whole team who perished in combat against the Noah Tyki Mikk. All of the generals convened as desired by the Black Order as they were top targets for the Noah. Cloud and fellow General Winters Sokaro paid their respects to their fallen comrades.

Black Order Invasion Arc

Following her arrival, Cloud is next seen drinking with fellow General Cross Marian. She wondered why she was picked as Cross' drinking company, but soon found the lewd General Cross attempting to make advances on her, which were were rejected. Shortly thereafter, the Black Order was surprised attacked by the Noah Lulu Bell. She had come to retrieve the Akuma Egg which was taken by the Exorcists. Despite her valiant attempt and a monstrous Level 4 Akuma accompanying her, the formidable duo were no match for the combined power of the 4 Generals and their companions. Despite the Black Order wishing to study the Akuma Egg, they chose to destroy it rather than allowing Lulu Bell escape with it and Allen Walker subsequently did so. The level 4 Akuma was also begrudgingly terminated. Realizing she had been completely defeated, Lulu Bell retreated.

Phantom Thief Arc

The young Timothy Hearst was recruited into the Black Order and upon joining, he was chosen to be an apprentice under Cloud Nine.

Third Exorcists arc

Cloud and her newly formed team consisting of Lenalee Lee, Timothy Hearst and Koushi were on a mission in Greece. While there they encountered Lulu Bell for the second time. The 4 Exorcists took on the lone Noah who transformed into a menacing Dragon. Simultaneously, the American Branch of the Black Order was attacked. The conclusion of the fight is not clear but Cloud and her team survived the encounter.

Search for Allen Walker Arc

Three months after their encounter with Lulu Bell, Cloud set out for another mission with Miranda Lotto this time despite just returning from a mission with her apprentice Timothy.

Powers & Abilities

Cloud Nine is one of the 5 Exorcist Generals. By extension she is considered among the 5 most powerful Exorcists in the world. To be a General, one must have 100% synchronization with their innocence, something only the 5 Generals, Allen Walker and recently Yu Kanda have achieved.


Lau Jimin:

Lau Jimin
Lau Jimin

Lau Jimin is a parasitic-class Innocence. It is so far the only Innocence shown to take the form of a sentient creature.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Masako Katsuki
General Information Edit
Name: Cloud Nyne
Name: クラウド・ナイン
Romanji: Kuraudo Nain
Gender: Female
1st manga book: D.Gray-man #7
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Cloud Nyne
Klaud Nyne
Klaud Nine
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Attractive Female
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Unarmed Combat
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