Clone vs. Clone: Mine Are Better Than Yours!

Clone vs. Clone: Mine Are Better Than Yours! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 06/04/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

Clone vs. Clone: Mine Are Better Than Yours! - 分身対決!オレが主役だってばよ! (Bunshin taiketsu! Ore ga shuyaku dattebayo!)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by: Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

The episode starts out with a recap of the ending of the last episode. With Naruto, Saskue, Sakura, and Kabuto going around in circles trying to get to the tower. They realize that they are in illusionary technique, and the enemy starts to attack by surrounding them with a bunch of clones. The enemy tells them that they have fallen into a mouse trap, hearing this Naruto tells him to shut up and lunges at him. Hitting him in the side, Sakura thinks that the clones are easy to defeat but she is wrong. Naruto fist ends up going all the way though the clone and it doesn't disappear like a regular one would. Instead the clone makes another one of itself inside of the one that had been hit. Saskue uses his sharingan to figure out what exactly is going on with the clones, he ends up stopping an attack towards Naruto. But when the enemy attacks him, his body doesn't move and he is saved by Kabuto who ends up getting hit in the arm. Lying on the ground Saskue wonders why he couldn't move, and it seems the curse seal has opened again. Kabuto goes and examines the kunai and realizes that they are real and they are not an illusion. Naruto asks if they are replications with real flesh, since they didn't disappear, or are they really illusion he wants to know which one is the truth. Naruto gets ready to attack again when Saskue tells him to stop, he tells him they are an illusion.

But Sakura says that Kabuto wound is real though. Kabuto tells Sakura that Saskue is right, and that the enemy is hiding somewhere. He figures that they are attacking from somewhere else while matching the illusion ninja movements, to make it seems like they are being attacked. Naruto says that he would find the enemy hiding in the forest who are throwing knives at them, and beat them up himself. Kabuto tells him to wait, since the real sources of the knives are hidden, and that don't know the exact location of the enemy. He goes on to tell them that according to his data, people who are weak with hand to hand combat like to attack from afar. And that the real enemy would not come out until they were unable to move at all. He then tells them the only thing they could do now was dodge their attacks. The enemy wonders how long they would last, since it was going to be a long night. The clones start to throw knives at them, and they dodge all of them. Sakura says there is no end to this, Naruto then thinks it would be a good idea to do the shadow replication technique as well. Kabuto tells him that it is not a good idea to waste his chakra on them. Naruto goes on to tell him that if he keeps attack the clones that the enemy can't attack until they turn back to normal. Naruto starts the attack and the others soon follow since he couldn't do it all by himself. They end up fighting the clones until dawn, they are all exhausted, and the enemy finally decides to stop the illusion attack. They were done crushing their sprits, it was now time to crush their bodies.

One of the ninja's had encounter Saskue earlier and was excited that he would finally get his revenge. Thinking it was over for them, Naruto had a plan up his sleeve. He used his shadow clones, and did a transformation of all four of them to fool the enemy into their own mouse trap. They explain to the enemy how they did it, and they are all shocked that they were tricked. Naruto starts to move but ends up going down to one knee. Saskue tells him he has used up to much chakra, but Naruto comes out of no where hitting all three of the rain ninja's and made them fall on the ground. Naruto tells Saskue that he is not going to let him take all the good parts. Saskue wonders if it is the real Naruto, and he wonders when he got so strong. The enemy and Sakura, and Kabuto can not believe that Naruto can still move. The enemy tells them that time is running out and that they are going to show their real moves. They do a move called Hazy Replications, which ended up making more replications of all three. Naruto then says that there is only one real one, and he would beat them all up until he finds it, Saskue tells him it is a waste of time.

Naruto yells back at him not to interfere, and starts to run toward the replications. Saskue notices that he has pain that starts to shoot down his neck every time he tries to use his sharingan, he thinks that he might have used up to much chakra. Naruto keeps finding out that all of them were fake ones, Sakura wonders if it is another illusionary technique. Saskue decides to use the last bit of his chakra and use his sharingan to look at all the replications. Once he does it, he goes down in pain from the cursed seal, which Sakura notices is spreading again. She tells him not to use it anymore, and Naruto turns around to look at what was going on, when one of the clones lunges at him. Kabuto comes to his rescue, but ends up getting cut in the leg, Naruto starts to get fired up again, until Saskue yells at him. He tells him that no matter how hard he tires the real one wasn't in those replications. Naruto realizes that he couldn't use his shadow replication any more. The rain ninja see that they are all at their limits and decides to attack, and just as the attack starts Saskue sees the real truth of their attack. That the real enemies where underground and they were going to attack beneath the replications. Kabuto ends up getting hit again knocking his glasses off of his face. The enemy comes up behind him and realizes one of his eyes are turning red, with the distraction Naruto ends up kicking all three of them to the ground ending their attack. Kabuto tells Naruto thank you for saving his life, and Sakura tells him good job as well. Naruto starts to look though the enemy's things, while Kabuto notices the bruise on Saskue's neck, Saskue tells him it is nothing. Naruto finally finds what he is looking for the heavenly scroll, the one that they needed. Saskue seem to have a bad feeling about Kabuto that he is not who he says he is.

They end up making it to the tower, and Kabuto ends up back with his team as well. They end up splitting up and going into two different doors. On Kabuto side it seems that some one was waiting for him. While he was with Naruto and them he was gathering data for Orochimaru. Orochimaru asks Kabuto what he thinks of him as a spy for the hidden village of sound. Kabuto tell him that he doesn't need to tell him anything since he is the one that will determine everything. Orochimaru tells him he likes his cunningness and good job and he disappears. Naruto realizes that nobody is around in the room, and wonders what they are suppose to do now. Saskue tells Sakura to let him go since he could walk the inner part of her gets really upset about it. Looking around the room Sakura notices a billboard on the wall. Sakura reads it, and notices that one of the letters is missing and that it must have to do with the scrolls. She thinks it is telling them to open both of the scrolls. So Naruto and Sakura start to open them.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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