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The weapon of choice for Nami. Using these three segments of a bo staff. Nami can create and control the weather.


One Piece Vol. 18 JPN (Apr 2001)
One Piece Vol. 18 JPN (Apr 2001)

The Clima-Tact is an object from the manga/anime series One Piece that was written by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. It first appeared in One Piece 18 CH. 165 "Plan: Utopia", and the anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 117 "Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima-Tact Burst!".

The Clima-Tact is a weaponized baton that was created by Usopp to allow her to finally take part in battle.

Though always shown to be blue in the anime version. It appeared that Oda had originally intended the Clima-Tact to be red for the manga. This can be seen on the splash page of CH. 165, showing Usopp working on the red segment; and the cover of One Piece Volume 23, with Nami.

Weapon Evolution


Perfect Clima-Tact

Sorcery Clima-Tact

Story Arcs

Baroque Works Saga - Alabasta Arc

The Clima-Tact was developed and created by Usopp on the behest of Nami, while they were traveling to Vivi's kingdom of Alabasta. She realized that she isn't like the other crew members, with their monstrous strength; and no longer wish to be on the side lines. It was this fact that she presented to Usopp to create a weapon for her, since they can both relate to not having great strength or special abilities. Usopp seemed reluctant due to the time, but still created the Clima-Tact, a weapon that would be perfectly suited to Nami's knowledge of the weather.

It was first revealed in CH. 165 / Episode 117 in Nami's fight with the Baroque Works member Miss Doublefinger. It was based off of Nami's original, three segmented bo-staff. Originally, Nami thought it was useless when she tried to use it an none of the functions seemed to have any battle applications. Nami thought that these functions were meant to lower an opponent into lowering their guard, but upon reading the instructions Usopp had given her. These were Party Uses.

Now that she had read the directions to the weapon Nami discovered it is all in how the weapon is put together with the segments. Through blowing into the a different segment she is able to create a charged ball of hot hair, cool air, and electrically charged air. These too didn't seem to have much of an effect in a fight, but Nami eventually noticed that a small cloud had developed over head. When she combined the Cool and Heat Balls. The air pressure had changed and created a cloud formation. It was then that Nami realized how perfectly this weapon suited her. She was able to make lightening clouds for attacks and mirages of herself to avoid attacks. Though the fight was a challenge for the physically weak Nami. She pulled off a strong victory with the Tornado Tempo attack.

Enies Lobby Arc

Some time after the Skypiea arc, Usopp had used the shell dials he bartered from the natives to increase the power of Nami's Clima-Tact, thought it didn't actually appear until just before the fight on Enis Lobby in CH. 368 / Episode 258. At this time Usopp had left the crew.

The Clima-Tact segments now had a round shape at the end, and no longer required Nami to blow through or spin segments to create the cool ball, heat ball, or thunder ball. The power was also greatly increased. The first attack that she used was on the Marines of Enis Lobby, the Thunderbolt Tempo. So powerful was this strike of lightening that it nearly got her, and did strike Zoro and Sanji.

Using this weapon Nami was able to defeat the CP-9 member Kalifa. The ability to make it rain turned out to be the perfect match against Kalifa's Soap based attacks.

Tempo Attacks

All of Nami's attacks with the Clima-Tact are called a Tempo (Portuguese for weather). Without the Clima-Tact, Nami is incapable of creating any of these attacks. Similar to Usopp, Nami's skills in battle are based on the use of the mind and gadgets.

Ball Charges

For each of Nami's a charge is required. The level is dependent on the atmosphere she is currently in. For some reason Nami has an incredible to know the conditions where ever she is. These charges are called:

  • Heat Ball- The Heat Ball is produced through the use of the Heat Pole of the Clima-Tact, and is seen as a glowing red ball of warm air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When enough of these are combined with a Cool Ball a cloud can be produced.
  • Cool Ball- The Cool Ball is produced through the use of the Cool Pole of the Clima-Tact, and is seen as a glowing blue ball of cool air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When enough of these are combined with a Heat Ball a cloud can be produced.
  • Thunder Ball- The Thunder Ball is produced through the use of the Thunder Pole of the Clima-Tact, and is seen as a glowing yellow ball of electrically charged air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When tossed into a cloud this charge can create a lightening based attack.

Party Uses

Originally thought useless in battle the Clima-Tact was also designed to be used to entertain at parties.

Fine Tempo

Cloudy Tempo

Thunder Tempo

Rain Tempo

Battle Uses

These abilities of the Clima-Tact serve an actual use in a fight and were only learned by Nami after she read the instructions. Once the true use of the Clima-Tact was leanred her skills with it have greatly increased.

Cyclone Tempo

Mirage Tempo

Thunderbolt Tempo

Tornado Tempo

Fog Tempo

Thunder Charge-Swing Arm

Cloudy Tempo

Rain Tempo

Mirage Tempo: Fattah Morgana

Dark Cloud Tempo

Thunderlance Tempo

Sorcery Clima-Tact Attacks

  • Gust Sword

Movie Scene

Movie Scenes

Usopp working on the Perfect-Clima-Tact (OP Movie 7)
Usopp working on the Perfect-Clima-Tact (OP Movie 7)

In the "One Piece The Movie: The Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle", which seems to take place some time before the Water 7 story arc. Usopp can be seen developing the Perfect Clima-Tact, though in the movie Nami uses her standard Clima-Tact.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Clima-Tact
Japanese Name: クリマタクト
Romaji Name: kurima takuto
Aliases Climate Baton
Perfect Clima-Tact
Sorcery Clima-Tact
Tempo Nami
1st manga book: One Piece #18
1st anime episode: One Piece #117
1st anime movie: One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta
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