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Claymore is an manga series in the Claymore franchise
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Dark Vibe and Tragic Storyline Reviewed by snowymountain on April 6, 2013. snowymountain has written 34 reviews. His/her last review was for Battle Club. 22 out of 23 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

I've only started reading this series and it already has got me rather hooked. There is a definite darkish vibe to it, but not so much that it totally grosses you out.

Taking place in an alternate world where female warriors who wield gigantic blades known as "Claymores" and hunt down fearsome beasts known as "yoma" who view humans as merely another food source. The tragedy behind these Claymores however is that a normal human is hopelessly physically outmatched by these yoma and in a desperate attempt to equalize themselves with these predators, the Claymores undergo horrific surgery to implant yoma organs within their bodies to grant them a measure of strength, speed, and other strange abilities. But it comes with a fearsome price as the more and more they use their powers to destroy these monsters, the stronger their own monstrous nature grows and one day, it will take them over.

Each Claymore lives with the knowledge that one day, their bodies will betray them and then, they too will have to be hunted down and destroyed for the good of humanity. Despite the tragic nature of these heroines, they continue to fight for the sake of the human race, struggling to maintain their humanity against the monsters within themselves.

It's a fascinating idea and a solid concept, even more so as several Claymores are beginning to question the very nature of the "Organization" that hunts down these yomas and directs them and they begin to realize a very dark and sinister plot lurking in the background. The art is excellent and while the storyline seems to falter here and there, it continues to fascinate the reader with new twists and turns. It is definitely worth a read.

RATING: 4 and 1/2 STARS!!!!

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