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Awakened Being

The name given to a Claymore that has over exerted their yoki limits and have gained the ability to turn into a monster. Some have gained Yoma like tendencies like the craving of human flesh while others have control over this.

Blood Bath

A massacre


The act of eating a member of ones own species.


A Claymore is a human implanted with Yoma flesh and blood to create a hybrid possessing the intelligence of a human and the strength of a Yoma. They can be divided into Defensive and Offensive types, and can turn into an Awakened Being if they lose their mind to their Yoma side.


AKA beheading


The loss of limbs and body parts is a common concept in many of the more violent Japanese manga and anime.


The act or an instance of putting to death or being put to death as a lawful penalty.

Extreme Violence

It's use can be intended to be shockingly disturbing or hilariously absurd.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.

Major Death

Death of a major character.


A woman who has taken vows committing herself to a spiritual life.


The character is working as a priest, a guide and teacher of God. Often leads holy rituals such as marriage and burials.

Time Skip

When a series jumps several months or even several years. Usually used in series staring younger kids and it resumes when they're teenagers or even adults.


The Idea of a character transforming into a animal, monster, creature, demon, or other types of creatures.


Man-eating shape shifting demons from the Claymore series

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