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Wait - - what's going on?
Wait - - what's going on?

Wow. I really wasn’t expecting the mythology of this show to be so intriguing, but the scene where Clare uses her piercing gaze to stare down all the priests? That was the metaphorical hooking of the lure for me. There was real tension in that scene. I was just hanging on the reveal of who the “evil amongst us might be” and I truly thought it was going to be the priest who hired them. I was honestly surprised. That’s when you know the storyteller’s have control of the audience. I even got a charge out of how the Yoma was actually hiding in the corpse. I’ve never made it a secret how I find the inclusion classic monsters - - vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankensteins - - to be a sure way to lose my interest in a story. This reminds me how shallow an exercise of imagination it is to use those creatures because it was exciting to discover the rules of these Yoma and Claymores on the run (so to speak) instead of knowing what they're all about well ahead of time.

Before I wax too rhapsodic, though, I’ll say that the climatic fight in the church was handled kind-of poorly. Slathered on top of the speed-line heavy “super moves” from last episode was a thick layer of murky darkness that confused what it tried to make menacing. I guess darkness really isn’t as scary as we all think it is.

Actually, the whole section was oddly representative of the whole. Even as had I issues with the staging and presentation, when I could concentrate on what was happening, the fight was actually bad ass. And that’s really the experience for the whole show. It feels like it should be some trashy OAV from the 90s, and it’s got all the elements of one, but it somehow makes it all work in a deft package. The whole relationship with Raki could be really be a saccharine eye-roller, too, but, I think by intentionally allowing him to be awkward nuisance, it actually makes the whole emotional medicine go down better. I’ll admit to actually being pretty touched when he seemed to be grasping so desperately at straws to save Clare from her nature.

Considering what a ride these four short episodes of CLAYMORE have put me on, I can’t help say that it’s doing its job better than STEINS GATE.

Watch this episode "Clare’s Awakening" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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this is the part where I thought things started to get interesting

Not just the end of this episode where clair pulls herself back from the brink of "going Yoma"

The bits of story and lore that are filled out over the next couple of episodes was enough to make me want to marithon the rest of the series

sadly I could not, jobs can realy suck when you have to show up to get paid ;)

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Glad you are liking the show Tom! I know Raki is a huge pain in the ass to watch since he's a crybaby but ignore him mostly. 
Did you take a look at the Beginner's Guide I wrote? I was glad you were doing this series since it coincided with the article and I think you will find it helpful.
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Sometimes it's hard for me to ignore the "exposition" characters that get placed in stories like this. I don't understand why people hate Robin (from Batman) so much when he is a good example of a useful exposition character.
Raki serves as a character to ask questions and explain to Clare when something isn't socially acceptable. However, the moment danger strikes he is useless and gets in the way.
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Keep in mind Tom that Claymore is a different series from Stein;Gate and both have different styles so it is a bit unfair to compare them. 
Anyway, yeah, this was when the series was getting some where besides the last few episodes.
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Claymore is an amazing series, but the manga is on a whole other level than anime. (Due to the rather small amount of materiel that actually got animated) 
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Claymore is a great show, IMHO.  Really enjoyed it start to finish...
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Claymore is one of my favorite anime.  It was one of those rare series that was able to literally put me on the edge of my seat from time to time, and each and every episode had me looking forward to the next.
That's not to say that it's perfect.  Nothing is.  It has its less-than-perfect bits, but then, so does Ghost In The Shell.  That doesn't change the fact that GiTS is one of the most iconic, and IMO one of the best anime out there.
You're in for a treat with Claymore.  It's one of the few anime that I'd buy on Blu Ray even though I've already seen the series.    I'm a huge fan of this one, obviously, and I don't think that most other series are going to compare well to it.. but maybe I'm just nerding out.
Still, awesome series is awesome.
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i have just started watching claymore too and i must say i was not expecting such a great show. At first glance it just looked another generic "super powered beings vs demons" show but after watching 6 episodes its clearly so much more.   
things like as tom points out in this episode where you expect the generic outcome of the priest being the Yoma but when it turns out to be the corpse it really is out of left-field and its awesome. 
writing in anime has become soo stilted and pedestrian in recent years IMO so i love it when i start a show and i genuinely dont know whats going to happen next. like in episode 6
where Teresa is facing the other claymores, i really didnt know if she was going to live or die
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