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Claymore is an anime series in the Claymore franchise
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Armadillo Being

An awakened being who works for Isley. He has the ability to control yoki energy, and uses it to force the Claymore to fight one another against their will.


One of the warriros of the holy city Rabona.


Clare is the protagonist of the manga / anime Claymore. Though ranked as Claymore #47 (the lowest rank, and viewed as the weakest Claymore by her peers) she is actually extremely powerful.


Claymore ranked #36 who fought in the Northern War


Claymore #14 who is one of the survivors of the Northern Campaign Massacre. She is not much of a fighter but is specialized in healing.


A Male Claymore who was ranked #3. Dauf sided with the Abyssal One Riful and became her lover. He is not very bright but makes up for this in his massive strength.


Claymore #15, Deneve is a very calm fighter who has partially awakened. She and Helen are close friends and are survivors of the Northern Campaign. She now wields two claymores the other originally belonging to the fallen Claymore Undine.


Claymore ranked #44 who fought in the Northern War


Elena is a Claymore of unknown rank, who sent Clare her Black Card, requesting for Clare to kill her before she awakened. Apparently she and Clare were turned into Claymore around the same time.


Claymore ranked #17


A member of the Orginization and the handler of Galatea and Miria.


Claymore ranked #7. She and her party were ambushed and killed by a trio of awakened beings en route to Pieta where a large number of Claymore were gathering.

Father Vincent

A priest from Claymore, first seen as the person who requests Clare to kill a demon in Rabona. Later in the series he accepts Galatea as a nun, unaware of her past as a Claymore.


One of the Claymores sent to the north. She became friends with Clare after seeing who sword skills were better.


Claymore Ranked #3. She was one of the organizations best tracker. Until they sensed her growing disobedience, she then decided to leave, and went into hiding in Rabona disguised as a nun.


One of the captains in the holy city of Rabona.


Claymore ranked #22. She and her friend Deneve are a team and are usually seen together. She at first did not get along with Clare but after seeing her fight she gained her trust. She is one of the survivors of the Northern Campaign.

Humanoid Being

A male Awakened Being who serves Isley. Seen during the Northern War arc in both the anime and manga.

Insectoid Being

One of the 3 Awakened Being scouts sent by Isley alongside the Humanoid and Armadillo beings. In his human form he appears to be blind.


The former #2 Claymore. Irene was ordered to kill Teresa with three other Claymores but they were unsuccessful when Priscilla awakened and attacked her comrades. Irene survived but lost her left arm. She went in to hiding for many years until she saved Clare from Ophelia.


The first of the male Claymores and ranked #1. He rules the North of the country. But after Luciela's defeat now rules the south.


One of the Claymores that was captured by Riful. Clare came to rescue her and eventually helped her recover from awakening. After that she vowed her life to Clare.


Claymore ranked #43


Claymore ranked #39


Claymore #32. Kathia was on Jeans team when they were sent to Zakol Mountains to hunt a awakened being. She and the others were captured by Riful and Dauf who then tortured her until she awakened. After concluding that she was too weak, Riful ordered Dauf to kill her.


The Claymore ranked #18, Lily fought alongside Flora and Clare in the Northern War.

Mantis Being

The first Awakened Being Clare ever fought.


Former #6 of the organization, Miria is the leader of the surviving seven Claymores from the battle in the north. Her skill allows her to reach speeds so fast in battle that her image tends to move around her opponent, earning her the nickname "Phantom Miria".


Claymore ranked #37 fought as a member of Jean's ill-fated team during the Northern War



Claymore #4 Ophelia was a deadly Claymore who killed her teammates just for fun. Eventually she Awakened and was Killed by Clare.


A member of the Organization who was Teresa's Handler.


Claymore ranked #35. First Claymore to die in Pieta during the second wave of attacking Awakened Beings in the Northern War.


A prodigy Claymore that was promoted to number 2 shortly after she joined. She was sent to hunt Teresa but went berserked and awakened, killing her teammates and destroying many cities in her path.


Claymore ranked #20. She is killed during the Northern Campaign.


Claymore #5 Rafaela is the younger sister of Luciela. Was part of the Organization's first experiment using a soul link to control an Awakened Being. The experiment failed causing her elder sister, Luciela, to lose control and fully awaken. Rafaela lost her eye in the process and has never healed.


A character from the anime/manga Claymore who is banished from his home town and follows the main character, Clare.


Claymore of an unknown rank, she was tortured by Riful and Dauf. Raquel escaped and found Clare who she asked for help, but died from her injuries immediately after.


One of the Abyssal Ones. She was the first #1 Claymore of the female generation and the youngest to awaken. Despite her young appearance she has been alive for a long time and is very powerful.


One of the male Claymores ranked #2 of his generation. He and Isley were once enemies but after lsing to him in battle joins his army of awakened beings.


One of the members of the organization who give orders to the Claymores and collect the payment afterwords. He accepted Clare into the Organization and acts as her handler.



Claymore #31 who was on Miria's team during the attack on Pieta. She is one of the seven survivors of the Northern campaign.


Claymore #1, Teresa of the Faint Smile.


Claymore #40. She is a defensive fighter and is one of the survivors of the Northern Campaign.


Undine is the Claymore ranked #11. She uses her Yoki power to make herself more muscular then she actually is and wields two swords, one that she was issued, the other of a fallen comrade.


The Claymore ranked #13. She led one of the five teams of Claymore during the Northern Campaign.


Claymore ranked #30


Raki's older brother, he is killed and eaten by a Yoma which assumes his form. Zaki was only a Yoma in disguise when he was first seen in Claymore, and the true Zaki is only seen in flashbacks.


Zelda is the Claymore ranked #24. Easily distinguishable due to the fact she wears her hair in a manner that covers the left side of her face.

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