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Based on manga of same name, Claymore tells story of Claymores, female warriors with sad fate to hunt the beings known as Yoma.

Plot Summary

In the world of Claymore, monsters that hunts down humans called Yoma exist. To counter the monsters a certain organization with mysterious background has created warriors named Claymores, who carry claymores as their weapon hence their name. However one cannot become a claymore in conventional method. The organization has been creating the claymores by infusing flesh of Yoma into young girls. After the inhuman procedure, the girls go through various training to become a full-fledged Claymore. The story revolves around one Claymore name Clare, who secretly seeks revenge.The story unfolds as Clare takes on her routine job of killing Yoma hidden in a village. Clare kills all Yoma that were disguising themselves as human beings. One particular Yoma was disguising himself as a brother of boy named Raki With nowhere to go Raki start follow Clare on her journey. As their journey continues Clare faces tougher foes, including ones called Awakened Beings, monsters far more superior than average Yoma Clare has faced before. To make things worse Clare discovers hidden truth of the organization, making herself as a target of organization as well.



Clare (クレア Kurea)
Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima Stephanie Young
Claymore #47
Gender: Female
Clare is the protagonist of the manga / anime Claymore. Though ranked as Claymore #47 (the lowest rank, and viewed as the weakest Claymore by her peers) she is actually extremely powerful.
Raki (ラキ Raki)
Voiced by: Matoki Takagi Todd Haberkorn
Gender: Male
Raki is a boy who is banished from his home town and follows the main character, Clare.
Miria (ミリア Miria)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue Monica Rial
Claymore #6
Gender: Female
Her skill allows her to reach speeds so fast in battle that her image tends to move around her opponent, earning her the nickname "Phantom Miria".
Helen (ヘレン Heren)
Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa Jamie Marchi
Claymore #22
Gender: Female
She at first did not get along with Clare but after seeing her fight she gained her trust. She is one of the survivors of the Northern Campaign.
Deneve (デネヴ Denevu)
Voiced by: Hana Takeda Caitlin Glass
Claymore #15
Gender: Female
Deneve is a very calm fighter who has partially awakened. She and Helen are close friends and are survivors of the Northern Campaign.

Theme Song

Opening Theme : Raison D'etre (レゾンデートル) By Nightmare

Ending Theme : Danzai no Hana: Guilty Sky ( 断罪の花: Guilty Sky) By Riyu Kosaka

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 6
Teresa and Clare
1 - 5
Teresa of the Faint Smile
1 - 4
Clare's Awakening
1 - 3
Darkness in Paradise
1 - 2
The Black Card
1 - 1
Big Sword -Claymore-

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General Information Edit
Name Claymore
Name: クレイモア
Romaji: Kureimoa
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2007
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