Class Reunion Again

Class Reunion Again is an anime movie
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The graduates of the Sakura Junior High Tennis Club have gathered for a reunion party on New Year's Eve. They are all in their twenties now, but Mizuho is excited because she gets to see her secret high school crush Tatsuya again. Aya also loved her childhood friend Tatsuya. Domestic misunderstandings, a ski trip, Mizuho's mother's illness, Tatsuya's car accident, and Aya's fling with her childhood friend Mamoru lead to a moderate amount of licentiousness, but considerably more angst and soul-searching, and end up with some licensed sex for once, after Aya and Tatsuya's wedding. In other words, a pastiche of the Big Chill (1983), initially in the style of the many Japanese live-action TV shows that feature twentysomething class reunions, dating back to Seven People in Summer (*DE)-there is at least one of these shows every season on live-action TV, so it is little surprise that an erotic anime pastiche would eventually arise. Based on a computer game, itself part of the subgenre of dating sims, and named in a deliberate echo of the characters used in the Japanese title of End of Summer. N

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General Information Edit
Name: Class Reunion Again
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2002
Romaji: Dosokai Again
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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